Durant injured

But don't panic!!!
He hit his finger on a helmet during practice. But after leaving the field to have it checked out, he later returned to watch the end of practice. The hand/finger (index) was not iced or taped and he appears to be fine. Reports are he will be a go on Sunday.
I was at practice when it happened, and it was a bit nerve racking for a few moments, because he was in obvious pain.
But he'll be fine!!

Yup, its official, he is not dead yet, just a slight flesh wound....

Gawd, this morning on riderfans the world was coming to an end as the initial poster had DD out with a broken thumb...

Turns out he hit his hand on a helmet and hurt his index finger

Yeah, don't know if the people who posted there even see what they were doing ... so small town gossipy how they could make a mountain out of a molehill. No such thing as wait and see - just create a bigger monster. Hilarious, not ... except Artie's post - it really was hilarious :slight_smile:

To tell you the truth, I hope he gets very limited reps this Sunday, if any. We shouldn't be risking him for no reason, and it's a great chance to throw in Dinwiddie or whoever to get the dust off. Dinwiddie needs some ground time since it's been so long since he's seen any action.

Agree, and this is with or without a sprained finger.

Durant was wearing a cast at practice today.......

Did I mention it was a joke?

The Riders starting quarterback had some fun while poking fun at the hysteria yesterday when he damaged the digit. Durant came out with a full cast on his right arm. He then had the athletic staff remove the cast.
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