Durant hurt?

Watching the game last night and TSN (Matt Dunigan) said that DD had a broken bone in his foot and a cracked rib? I haven't heard this mentioned at all in the media, has anyone else?

If true all the more reason to rest him in a game if we get a large lead. If he is lost before one during playoffs, we are at a huge disadvantage. DD is our qb, can't afford any more injuries.

Vanstone certainly hasn't said anything which is a huge missed story for a "sports" writer.

if he is, they re not declaring it to the league

* A Darian Durant status update: the Riders filed their weekly injury report to the CFL on Sunday and there was no mention of a cracked/broken rib, as was reported on the TSN telecast. Nor was there mention of a broken foot. However the team told me on Sunday that he has experienced discomfort in his foot over the past while, after games, but it hasn't kept him out of practice or game action. Perhaps, after this week's game in Calgary, he can get a week off to rest up for playoffs. We'll see what the coaching staff elects to do.
He looked fairly mobile to me, but who knows. I do believe his foot is still far from 100% from the injury early in the season though.

Actually he hurt his foot against the Argos and I think it was his wrist(not ribs) he has a bone chip floating around in one or the other. That is why he missed the one game. The foot will not get any better until after the season is done and probably the same for the wrist.

On the news today the coach addressed the broken rib issue. He said there is no broken rib. DD didn't want to discuss it?

well they have to find some excuse as to why he can't hit the broad side of a barn with his passes and the pain he must be having is blurring his eyes so bad that he needs to take 4 seconds to find an open receiver who was open for 2 seconds already

For the love of God and everything Holy (the Riders) give it a rest bud. If you don't like the quarterback who is part of the team then go cheer for some other .
I hear enough of the Durant bashing on other forums. This should be sacred ground. I'm not saying Durant or any player is above criticism because they are not but to stay on the same topic post in and post out is getting a bit boring quite honestly.
You made your point you don't like Durant and have some special agenda it seems to have Willy as the qb. Guess what, it isn't happening this year so forget about it. Harp all you want in the off season if the Riders lose

Is this seriously the only thing you can ever do is come on here to bash Durant. Like seriously, attempt another topic...it is the only thing you have posted in in almost 2 years...a little sad. You were pretty silent when Durant started the season on absolute fire. Not capable of any further discussion I guess.

I don't dislike Durant as a person ,in fact he seems like a genuine nice guy but there are times and we have seen it with other teams where they use the second stringer for a few plays. Durant has had his issues from day one and at times he is going make the correct decision and all of a sudden everyone calls him a great QB, but lets face the music here, the riders lost some crucial games because he didn't get the job done ,he is after all the guy who controls the ball and no matter how great your receivers are if they don't get the ball they can't make plays.just look at the last half of the last game! this is happening far too often ,so give willy a chance or someone else for that matter.

The last half of the BC game is a pretty bad example. He made 12 pass attempts, and sure only completed 4-5 plus an INT (which sorry...that was a pretty amazing INT...I have a hard time faulting the pass attempt other than I guess he could have lead more, but it was still an amazing pick), but he put 5 or more of those incompletions into the stands. This is something he did very effectively at the begining of the season. Also, his numbers Further, sure, they did not get a major, but they dominated TOP, and that was the goal...win field position, eat clock, don't force anything...they were up 31-7...what do you want him to do, force the ball in this scenerio? He executed the game plan very effectively in the 2nd half.

What are people going to say in 2 more weeks if DD becomes the single season TD record holder for the Riders?
Or in 2 weeks when he finishes with the best passer rating for a starter in Rider history?
Or what I believe is still the best TD to INT ratio in Rider history?
Or when they end up having the 3rd highest points scored in Rider history...potentially second most?

Does he have flaws...of course, but he is one of the best QBs the team has ever had...perhaps second to only Austin. Some people just have too high of expectations I guess. His secondary reads are often non-existant, he doesn't audible enough, and there are times he underuses his mobility...NONE of these were the case against BC, save the odd pass he locked in (but every QB does that at some point in a game). This was, IMO, one of his petter games of the season...definately of the last 7 or so.

As for using the second stringer at time, I and other people here have said the same thing...this is not what you have said other than in this last post...you've basically been begging for his head to roll.

As far as Willy...they don't trust him in short yardage any more...don't think they are going to put him in with a million dollar home playoff game on the line...should the Lions close the 17 point gap, someone loses a job in that scenerio.

After watching the game, I heard the comment of the broken leg and rib...I had the impression that 'broken' was used in in the sense of 'banged up,' and that it was meant over the course of the season...not hear and now. Basically, that he was giving DD props for working through the foot sprain and bruised ribs (when he wore the flack jeacket after the Argo game). Just how I read it anyways.

Don't bash the QB. I think a rather pourous O-line (lately) has something to do with it. And an unnamed receiver dropped a ball against the Esks........you win with 42 guys............lose with 42.

Durant hurt...........I hope this speculation is overblown but DD has been hurt late in the season the last 2-3 years. It would be nice if he can get 95% healthy but at this time of year he likely has to deal with whatever he has for pain.

Would have been beneficial had the team put BC away. I am not happy with our offence against BC. The Defense put 7 points on the board, offense 24. We scored 1 point in 2nd half. Not at all happy that the offense mailed it in. If injuries to DD and any other player was high........I like to think they would have played better, put some points up and allowed Mr. Willy 15-20+ minutes of time. They blew this opportunity. Willy could have cleaned up and been extended more live plays to add to his experience.

So I was pretty pissed frankly that they didn;t gas BC and get some other players some minutes. If DD's injuries are a concern then they blew a chance to rest him and keep him from getting hit.

During the game he threw 3-4 balls away..........and I like this DD coming back. He did alot of this early in the year. He said himself because they were up he didn;t have to force any issues. Great decisions and I hope they can carry a lead and allow him this cushion. He plays better when winning versus playing catchup.

If he's hurt..........they have to go all out and win 2 games. Maybe they get lucky and get the a1st round buy?

its all about winning ! this isn't some house league high school football game. the only stat that counts is the W and we have missed a few W's because of you know who ,who will remain nameless.

Go look at his stats. He is having one of the best seasons ANY Rider QB has had throughout the history of this team. He has a very respectable QB rating this season.

Anyway to answer the original question, he never had a broken foot it was a sprained ankle after the Toronto game (xrays came back negative for a break or fracture). I highly doubt he would be playing with broken ribs. Dunnigan is an idiot.

You need to understand that Durant is not calling his own plays !

DD still makes the reads and goes thru them to find the open guy or takes off and runs. He will never be Calvillo who is has tried to model himself after. Time for him to play to his strengths.

Instead of looking at just Durant watching the game today with Best back at RG and Heenan at RT the run game looks like it did before Bestie hit the 9 games. This of course leads to defenses respecting the run more and a better balance on offense

Could not agree more! :thup: :thup: :thup: