Durant Fined?

I read about this today but there were no details other that he made an inappropriate tweet to a fan. Perhaps Rider fans could shed some light about what this was about.

...c'mon turkeybend, what did he tweet to you?


Basically responded in kind to an offensive tweet from a fan, and was fined for use of profanity. It violated the CFL’s Social Media Policy.

It's a real shame fans can't be fined.

not against DD, but sheesh, ya gotta be thicker skinned than that, or stay off social media.
What that fan said is way far from being the worst things fans say when they are pissed off at what they see as poor performance.

wayne reeve @WayneReeve

@dariandurant If there is a fund going around to pay the fine for you please let me know so I can donate to it, stay positive!

Diddo. I'll gladly put some money down. Don't blame him one bit for what he said.
These guys reach out in Social media to get as close to the fans as they can, and people like this just ruin it for everyone else.

I understand his frustration, but the league has policy and he crossed the line. He wouldn't have been in trouble had he left the last 2 words off his tweet.

We here at CFL.ca are not bound by league policy so to DD, you're correct, that guy is a "dumb ****". 8)

the fan is a Jackass.

Durant doesn't have to pay a cent as the fans have paid it for him. :thup:

A professional athlete e-begging for donations to pay his fine!!!???? What a loser!

Durant never asked- the fans offered. Btw- if u were in jail, wouldn't u call someone 2 bail u out? That would make u a loser!

I am sure that Durant reqrets saying what he did but quite simple if there is any truth to the suggestion that fans have paid his fine for him, that is simply wrong and the league needs to make sure that it did not happen. The fines are to punish a player for his actions, if a team and/or its fans pay that fine, they are circumventing the penalty which is in itself wrong.

For anyone who thinks that paying the fine is right, what if a player takes a headshot and injures Durant. Would fans who may not like Durant be justified in paying that players fine and would that player be justified in accepting the fans paying. The simple answer is no.

Durant made an error in judgement and he needs to pay, not his fans.

well, I would think it is rather obvious that if people did not sympothise with one's actions (ie a head shot), then one would not care to chip in.

I think the distinction lies in just how wrong you think he is.

Personally, if a fan is going to be abusive, I don't have a problem with him or her getting some back. If it were one of "my guys", I might pitch in symbolically if I thought he got the shaft.

It is not whether or not we sympothise(?) or not, Durant in the eyes of the CFL, was guilty of conduct that deserves a fine. It is his fine to pay, not the fans.

Just so you know Darian is not letting the fans pay for him, he is directing them to instead to donate to Geroy's Coats for Kids charity drive to get winter coats for underprivelidged kids.

I've received a lot messages from Rider fans wanting to donate to pay the fine I received. I appreciate and thank Ridernation for all of their support, but I would much rather you donate to Geroy Simon's Coats For Kids initiative. Click on the button below to donate, all donations will be presented to Geroy before the October 12th home game against Edmonton.

Much love to my supporters in Ridernation,

Darian Durant


And it is my choice where I put my money. I've helped friends out who had unexpected expences....some pretty stupid ones included


That is to say....it is none of the CFL's buisiness where he obtains the money from...same as if you getting a speeding ticket.

That is not what is being said. You can put your money anywhere you want. What is at question is not what you do but what Durant does.

Kudos to Darien Durant for doing the right thing and donating the money. :thup:

Hope your give lots.

Actually it is the CFL's business.