,,,Durant DINGED...

....Darian Durant has broken his throwing hand...according to the roughies.....hmmmmmm He could be out for quite awhile
Does this open the door for Dinwiddie.orrrrrrrrr should/could we make Jyles available to them for a nice price..We do have some very good looking back-ups in camp....Could Jyles be expendable....?????okay , i know there's lots out there that'll jump on me for the suggestion :lol: ...Just throwing it out there :roll: :roll:

Apparently it's way less serious than initially feared. It is his index finger, not thumb, and no break. He could even play Sunday, according to Miller.

Too bad, you're stuck with Jyles....

Hopefully not a sign of things to come this season for DD.

But your in good hands with Din back there. :?

......HMMMMM ....sounds like damage control :wink:....You guys could do worse than Jyles.....oh wait a minute you have.... you signed noodle arm... :lol:

Being neither a rabid fan of the Green Riders nor a rabid fan of the Blue Bombers, allow me to say this little debate is going nowhere.

From where I sit, Jyles and Dinwiddie are comparable. Both are, to my mind, average to mediocre QBs who will never be quality starters in the CFL. Career backups at best.

Time will tell if I am correct or not.

....I'll just add this .....Jyles=Grey Cup ring.......Dinwiddie=runner-up...and i agree ...back-ups for sure.... :expressionless:

What team did Jyles get his Grey Cup ring with? He was on Edmonton in '06 (when BC won) and '07 (when Saskatchewan won) and in Saskatchewan in '08 (when Calgary won) and '09 (when Montreal won). Am I wrong? Was he on the '07 Rider team? I didn't think he was.

…HEY WEE WEE…you’re right…guess i’ll turn my post into a prediction for 2010… :lol: :lol:

I would like to thank you for not taking that the wrong way. Way too many people on the boards take things the wrong way when they are proven wrong, even if it's something as innocent as where a player played. When I first read your post, I just checked to see if Jyles was on the Riders because I didn't even know he was in the league in '07. I don't remember hearing anything about him, but that's par for the course with career backups in the CFL.

...that's what i get for not doing my research......but hey....a lot of qbs. come and go.....especially back-ups...excuse the confusion... :wink:

credible report has Mike Bishop on route to Sask

......I thought it was 'bin dere did dat' with the Bish in riderville.....Now if you would have said he was going to be added to the stumps squad...it might have been believeable, as Henry and Huff are looking for help :wink:

Credible report from WHO? or WHERE?

Are YOU the credible source? The one who told us that Hamdan was coming to Winnipeg?

Or are you the same person who once pretended to be a friend of Steven Jyles' wife?

in which case, we know what credibility you have.

As in, NONE.

Bish is in Sask as we speak, but turns out its only for a friends wedding.

Just like Tom Clements was coming to Winnipeg about the GM job but it turned out to be only for a friend's wedding. :roll: At least think of something new rather than recycling your old rumours.

I don't think the league has seen the last of Mike Bishop just yet.

As an injury replacement, he and Joseph would have to be at the top of most teams lists.