Durant could be back

Reported that Durant could come back to help Bombers. But do they want him!!!

. . . and where might this be reported?

Naylor is stating it but the Bombers don't seem to be picking up the phone at this time.


I’m told that @dariandurant would consider leaving retirement to join the @Wpg_BlueBombers but as of yet they have not inquired. #CFL #bombers

“as the starter, sure”

This looks bad on him. If it is actually true it kinda looks like he is cool with playing but not as a backup.

at this point in his career, it wouldn't look bad on him at all, at least not to me. I find it very understandable. Why sit on the bench when you have already had a decent career?

Because that was the deal you made when you signed the contract. NO Thanks, he can take a hike.

what if he really doesn't want to come back but is willing to do so as a temp favor?

Marshall Ferguson?Verified account
Con: Took a 70K signing bonus and retired before training camp while mother bleeping all your fanbase on twitter for a week.

Pro: VERY good at hitting open #Bombers players in stride. #CFL

No and no.I don't want him anywhere near this team.

Take him back... it would be great to see the Bombers oh & 4 or oh & 6, and the D worn out after a quarter or 3rd of the season... Durant retired for a reason... his skills are not just diminished, but almost completely gone...

It’s not just his skills that are diminished my friend. How can anyone trust him ?.. I’m with Aulcee on this.

…take him back, today even, then cut him 2 hrs before the first game… ;D

Hey Red, that's pretty well what I said on the Bomber forum earlier only I want him to pay for his own flight to the Peg, then tell him he's not needed. ;D

Are the Bombers stupid enough to burn more money on this guy.

The Bombers would have to trust him a second time before they can be classed as stupid. Only way would be to pay him for games finished, one at a time. I wouldn't even bother. I'd rather we risk a losing season than use da bum.

Id take him back then when you see blitz coming, run a play that leaves Durant vulnerable to a horrific injury.
I used to like the guy but this shows he is scum.

He signed the contract knowing it was to be the back up. Took the money and ran and now contemplates coming back to be the starter. He's a POS.

Darian Dangerfield ;D.....I get no respect , I can still play ;D


Man I hope the Bombers and Durant reunite

Don't forget Sask is in the running. Durant's stock just went up!! How much not sure.

Durant will never suit up in green and white again, no matter how much gas he has left in the tank. He not only burned the bridge, he blew it up.