Durant calling his own plays

In an interview after the game Saturday Durant revealed that he had called all the plays in the TD drive at the end of the first half. I thought that drive was pretty impressive. Hopefully this was not a one time occurrence.

yeah but sometimes you need your OC to be able to show you things or say "hey, we're noticing this on defense.. we need to exploit.. "

which is the purpose of the spotter up in the stands that sees the game from up there.

QB's can't possibly see everything, and you need someone who can help out.

very few QB's in the CFL are capable of calling their own plays and being good at it.

I think Calvillo does it. I know Burris does not, and i'm pretty sure nobody else does.

I think Durant can be allowed to call some of his own at points in the game but shouldn't be full time.

Durant calling his own plays would only be during select times during a game. He still has the speakers in his helmet for communication with the bench whether he is calling his own plays or not. I think selective usage of QB interaction and independence can make for more dynamic playcalling and in addition it helps to keep the QB involved at a higher level of conciousness. Guaranteed it's not for everyone but I think it is something that will help Durant stay focussed the whole game long.

I like letting Durant call his own plays sometimes. He sure did a good job of it this weekend! He seems to like doing it and the fact that he doesn't have to call the whole game takes some pressure off.

This goes back to when Austin left and gave Durant the ultimate compliment. Said he was the smartest player he had ever coached.I think Austin had a hall of famer in Toronto with Damon Allen when he was there, so that said a lot.

Yes. And Durant's play calling was showing just how smart he is! I believe we don't see quarterbacks call their own plays enough. I mean look at Anthony Calvillo, he does it, and look how successful him and the Alouettes have been. Obviously there are more than just that factor to be considered, but I like to see quarterbacks think for themselves sometimes. What you end up with are impressive drives that are fun to watch!

I'm pretty sure it is because most of them can't handle the responsibility.

Funny but I posted a couple of weeks back that DD knows the offense better then Berry does and he should be calling more plays from the LaPolice offense. It didn't go over too well as I recall.

If DD see's something in the huddle (sometimes you see more in the middle of the action) he needs to have some leeway. The double reverse was his call as I recall earlier In the season.

What I WOULD like to see is DD,Berry and all the receivers huddling on the sidelines between series going over plays. Take a page from Payton Manning and the Colts. Watch what they do. Course they have film of all the plays for the oppositions defense seconds after they call every play. Our huddle would be to discuss what the players/coaches are seeing and adjustments long before the half. I assume some of that happens but we need to do this in between EVERY offensive series we have.

And I bet that if DD didn't call his own number on the naked bootleg for the TD, Berry would have called Cates on the deep hand off ( PAUSE) and search into the middle of the pile.

Unfortunately that is a given. It's like keep trying the same play until it works. Berry must have bet someone that it works. The GOOD thing is that any new plays they try will take the other teams totally by surprise. They will not have seen it before. Genius!! Cates runs to the OUTSIDE, WHAT!!