Durant apparently out for remaining 4 games with Brk Foot

ya. I read it on twitter. he played the last two qtrs on a broken foot.

now I really feel bad. sheesh.

So he's done for the rest of the season.

meaning we are stuck with Dinwiddie.. or we go with Berqvist.

Lee Jones (@Lee_JonesCTV)
11-10-10 6:09 PM
#riders Durant admitted after game his foot isn't sprained, its broken. Doctors told him playing could force surgery, felt he had to try

That's what I call a WARRIOR!!

the Drs told Durrant that if he played that it could cause surgery to repair his foot.
and with any surgery the potential to lose Durant possibly for all of next season is verry likley
case in point Rob Bagg , and Luca Congi.

What was Miller thinking to even dress him with a broken foot ???

Well he is paid to play, even hurt. Just like you see in hockey all the time. The season was on the line, so being a team guy he toughed it out.

Also, a broken bone heals way faster then a blown out knee. If it is what I had he'll have to wear orthepedic soles foe a while after it heals. Doesn't always set properly.

Yes you should, but you manned up on that, so all is good.