Durant 23/32 347 yards

Durant 23/32 for 347 yards. 72%

Printers 17/31 for 261 yards. 54%

Their third stringer outperformed our franchise player getting a road win no less.

Our defence let us down this game.

That's a sad statistic. The good news is that despite the one-sided stat our offence was good enough to keep us in the game and should have won it. I expected our defence to have a good game against an injured Rider offence and our offence to struggle against a powerful Rider defence. Our defence did let us down a little. They showed some good points but overall their coverage was too lax.

Even though the offence started slow, Hamiltons Defense missed too many tackles at key times. It felt like our offence was keeping us in the game most of the time.

Right on. Couldn't agree with you more.