Duped Again......we suck sooooo bad

Sorry lads and lasies but it looks like another sad sack season…Mr Young has done his part…but the team has not responded…do we need a fan based input…that can voice their opinion on who plays and who does not…this team neeeds huge changes…right from top down…steel town is rusting…

Katsup....come out of the clouds...
Give your brain a break...and go cheer for the Argo's...I've never read anything so 'nuts' in years..

" In the Season of the blowouts, he who's most familiar to the waters, rises above as king. "


I think that there is an unusual amount of blowouts this year:

The Calgary loss to Saskatchewan.

The Hamilton losses to Montreal and Toronto.

The Lions sorta, kinda, Dominated the Argos (if there were such a thing).

The Saskatchewan, BC Game.

Not to mention, The Bizaro World Blowout, that opened the Season in Edmonton.

At least that means the offence is Runing on All cylinders throughout the league. A trend of such high scoring games will be competitively, enjoyable for coaches; I think.

The D is gettin' burned all over the league. Not BC, yet.
They are good. They have been for years.