Dunnigan to ref Hamilton-Winnipeg game this friday

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Wow! Good Story 2005! Maybe Dunnigan can become the first Player and Coach to wear the stripes! If my memory served me right, Didn't a defensive player (Brian Donnelly????) who played for Ottawa Officiate back in the 70's or 80's?

Jimmy Simpson played 'flying wing' for the Hamilton Wildcats.
After 1950, when the teams merged to become the Tiger-Cats he joined the officiating crew where he spent several years. After that, he became trainer for the Ticats, which position he filled for many years.

Note: 'Flying Wing' should evoke memories in the other seniors among us.

Yes you are correct. But Dunnigan was not only a player and coach. But he was a GM as well not to mention in is in the sportscast team for TSN. So he has what the Walby hat trick ha ha ha

Wow Wilf leather helmets! Cool!

...i just hope Matt isn't going to leave his gig on the tsn panel to become a zebra....that would be a loss......seems the league wants to inject a little flavour into these pre-season contests...good on them....and it sure will give Dunigan some new in-sight into our great game....he's one guy who is getting to see it from every angle....and experience it as well.......Matt for governor of the league :thup: :thup: ...if the new guy doesn't work out..... :lol:

What a guy, he just loves the game.

You know as a player I hated the Stamps to play against him. But when he was here he was a great guy. Sort of got setup by the box king to fail. I thought he did not do bad considering he had to get box king jr as the number one QB. He does love the game of football and now he has seen it from every angle. I hope he comes back into the league to coach again someday. But do not let him be the GM at the same time. ha ha ha

Peter Liske also did it. He played for two NFL teams and 3 CFL teams. He had his most sucess with the Calgary Stampeders in the 60's. I have two links here. One shows who he played with. The other mentions that he refereed in the NFL.



It should be interesting to see how Dunigan does at officiating. I think it will be great to get his analysis on any controversial calls made in a game, because he will be able to give you an idea of what the referee's are thinking when the situation calls for a video replay.

My thoughts exactly sambo. It should provide a new insight. I wonder if they'll let Matt go under the hood with Jake??????

I believe Mat beat all that have gone before him
because he has done it all.
1)Played the game
2) Coached the game
3)GM of the team
4)Every job in a football team thanks to the box king.
5) Ref
6) Broadcast booth
He has done it all but sold beer and helped people find a parking spot at the stadium. Pete Liske eat your heart out.

I assure you - he loves himself more.

If you ever get to meet him behind closed doors, in a non-public event .. you'd see a whole other side of Mr. Dunnigan. WAY beyond ego maniac. (self-absorbed arrogant edit is a fair description)

This comes off the heels of Ron McLean (a TRUE class act) doing the same ref deal with the NHL last season - which was quite successful and fun to watch. I'm sure this will be equally as successful. I sure hope they have a mic on him.


[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/article.jsp?content=20070620_154238_5000]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ar ... 54238_5000[/url]

This article also says he will be the host for a BBQ show on the food network!

those who beleive in themselves and have good self esteem are often labelled egotistical by those who do not.

Hey, just sayin

He did a good job! No controversial calls, which is good for him, but unfortunate for me. I had the perfect response all prepared if he made a bad call against the Ticats, but I didn't get to use it.

Apparently he was the one who signalled the Ticats' touchdown. I'm also pretty sure he was the one who threw the roughing flag against Kyries Hebert. I wasn't going to argue either of these calls. :wink: