Dunnigan looks like he's holding back vomit

Montreal's choice of starter has got matty D suuuuuuuuuuper heated...

literally looks like he's trying not to spit in faces and throw punches

(i paused the game for about 20 minutes in the 4th.... just getting to post game now)

Wasn't Dunigan forced to start the owner's son at QB during his brief stint as head coach of the Calgary Stampeders? I think the idea of sound football decisions being vetoed for marketing or other reasons is an issue that strikes close to home for him.

You may be bang on with that.
Everything he said is true.

It was before Dunigan I think Kevin Feterik

I do like Matt's honesty and willing to say things others maybe afraid to say .

Need more of it .

You're right. Michael Feterick still owned the Stamps when Dunigan was hired, but Kevin Feterik was no longer a player. Dunigan was coach and GM, and came into the season with Marcus Crandell at QB, and later acquired Khari Jones in a trade.

Yup looked it up and found the same.

I thought Dunigan got a raw deal only getting one season. Hard to argue though considering where they went.

Maybe his health is poor now but I always thought he would have made a great OC and would hire him in that position .

Maybe. Always figured him for a leadership and raw ability kinda guy rather than a great strategy and play calling guy.

The emotional reaction to Montreal being unwilling to potentially let a star get set up for success just furthers this narrative (that i've created for myself lol) in my opinion

I still remember he was one of the first coaches I see do the on side punt and the refs didn’t know the rule . I think it was their BC game .

He impressed me for that and I liked his comments on Dennison the Canadian QB who he wished he could have had the time to develop .

Lot of it maybe wishful thinking on my part but he would have made an interesting choice as an OC . Maybe because he says a lot of things I agree with and not on any real proof of his coaching ability .