Dunnigan looking for work in Edmonton ?

For the last 3 games now Dunnigan is being critical of coaching decisions in Edmonton. Win or Lose... Get the net impression he's running for office... Not cool to use your TV job to move yourself in Hall's job...

Guess you never know. But using the same reasoning, is Jock Climie looking for a job in Winnipeg?

not cool to make such an assumption, or even suggestion.

Since when is the panel supposed to be cheerleaders? It's their job to point out the good and the bad.

HfxTC, again I ask, don't you think it's time to change your signature since you are posting in the Als forum.

Cause I was asked to keep posting by other Als fans. Don't try to hijack the thread.

Can you provide the link that Dunnigan is trying to land the Edmonton job ? What he said about Ray is bang on ! Ray is a HOF QB and doesn't need to be jerked around by Hall !

That's why there is a question mark at the end of the subject line.

He also said that if Maas is not going to be played they should cut him and use the slot for a development QB. Edmonton had lost five or six straight games with Ray. It was about time he be asked to watch for a bit.

Dunnigan seems to have very strong "ideas" about how to improve Edmonton where he is usualy more diplomatic and less certain.

Anyway this is a discussion forum, I am expressing an opinion not a statement of fact, I don`t need to provide an outside source LOL ! and I was inviting others opinions.

He never said it was a news story. He said it was his impression that Dunigan is running for office. Calm down.

Thanks D.... I am use to having these two old nelly chase me around but I am always polite with seniors.

"not cool to use your tv job to move yourself in to Hall's job " No question mark !

...this hxftc guy is probably as accurate on this one, as his call about Scott Milanovitch being named head-coach of the argos at the beginning of the year.... :lol: :lol:And to think i actually believed him....His facts or more like 'whimsical world' are part of his m.o. :lol: :lol:

He changed his mind when he saw the actual offer $$$$$$$$$

You Bomber fans are getting more agressive by the week, kind of like chihuaha's on a diet LOL ! Wonder why :roll:

Nope, just know you can't back up anything, when your asked to do so !

...whatsa matter...you come on our site slingin' it, but ya can't take it.....chomp chomp chomp :lol: :lol:

No just trying to reach for the bag of treats ! DAmit :lol:

Criticizing the coaching of Hall is completely reasonable considering the Eskimos' play (or lack their of) lately.

another ridiculous thread :roll:

And another ridiculous post from you :roll:

Matt knows a lot about QB’s b/c he was one.

He was dead on when he said the Bombers brought back Pierce too soon; now Buck’s career in the CFL is over.
When Calvillo collapsed after the Willis sack, Matt called it right away–sternum.

Accept Matt’s expert commentary for what it is and appreciate it. TSN’s analyses by ex-pros Dunigan, Schultz & Clymie are second to none, and that includes the NFL. They know their football (not talking about the colour commentary, i.e. Glenn Suitor :roll: ).

Exactly what I was going to post…