dunigans record

will anyone ever throw for more yards in a game?

quite sure it will not be RR.

No one will come close.
Matt continues to say how he left another what 100+ yards on the field.

Will we see 714 yards by both teams in a game is a better question.

Not unless defences stop playing as much zone as they do. Today's D's are designed to not give up the big play--the Rich Stubler theory. When Dunnigan threw for his 713, he completed bomb after bomb to Alfred Jackson. I just don't see it happening today, no matter who the QB is.

You mean considering there was over 714 passing combined in one game this week...pretty sure one can figure out the answer to that

Well one game does not make a career. Dunigans passing stats are 43857 yards
Ricky Ray is 51329 yards with still a few more years in the tank.

I don't think anyone will break it. It has to be the perfect storm for anyone to have a chance. Usually when one guy is having an awesome game, it's a blowout so they either stop throwing it once it gets out of hand, or he gets pulled.

Dunnigan also didn't have modern off season conditioning and the vastly improved rules protecting QBs from concussion risk. If he did, he'd likely have played several more seasons.

Both great QBs, but they're from different eras. A 700 yard game from a QB is virtually impossible in the CFL today, while we're also seeing QBs (Ray, Calvillo, Allen) pile up yardage numbers over a career that didn't happen in the past.

Yeah, yeah we get it. You hate Ricky Ray. Change the record FYB because when you start threads just to bash the guy you start treading very close to trolling. :roll:

actually, that last line was just an afterthought because I figured he would be the first one someone would suggest.

I think Seth Doege has a chance to break it... over the course of his career

Any contention that you were motivated by having a serious discussion about Dunigan's record, would have been more believable if you had actually mentioned the record in your opening post.

I couldn't remember the actual number and didn't bother to look it up. I knew someone else would mention it.

Not sure I want it to ever be beat, but if it was by any of todays qbs, It would be sweet if glenn did it.


Sorry, I had to laugh. I wish I could put it nicely, but Glenn is a loser. He has never put together good back to back post season games (look it up). This should make a lot of Argos fans laugh, and Ti-Cats fans cringe, but he lost a home playoff game to Cleo Lemon.

His record in Calgary though very good as a starter, is deceiving. During his time there (and of course this year) they have a better winning percentage when he didn't start than they did when he did start. He was just fortunate to play on a team that didn't ask much of him...give the ball to Cornish....repeat.

Has he even had a 400 yard game in his career? Considering the amount of starts he's had, he should have, but I'm not sure.

which is part of why I say it would be sweet if he was the one to do it.

Another reason this record is safe -- at least for the time being -- is the number of "undersized" linebackers in the CFL nowadays. While receivers were already becoming lightning fast, linebackers in those days tended to be big guys built like freight trains, creating a serious mismatch when an LB tried to cover a WR. Nowadays they are more svelt and quicker, making them more capable of covering receivers. It's usually still a mismatch, but a lot less so.

And as someone already mentioned, usually a game like that results in a blowout, and the starter being pulled early. But that was a close game, which the Bombers won by something like 7 points. Dunigan had to stay in and had to continue throwing, even though his numbers were becoming gaudy, just to keep Winnipeg in the game. That is another reason why no one is likely to put up those numbers again.

If I remember correctly, Dunigan's record was set shortly after Danny Barret became the first 600-yard passer in CFL history. And to this day, those two are the only ones ever to reach that level.

Never say never... some records are virtually untouchable, it doesn't mean that they can't be broken, it just may take a longer time for someone to do it... there are all sorts of records in sports that may take awhile to be bettered...