Dunigan's Man-Crush on Ray

Won't comment on the game, but will comment on Dunigan's Commentary....
Anyone else notice Dunigan's Man-Crush on Ricky Ray......even when we were ahead ???

Stick to the BBQ show Dunigan... :twisted:

Funny, because I was thinking that he seems to be a big, big fan of Darian Durant.

How can the commentator help but promote Ricky Ray, the way that 1st half went for Edmonton? With 19 (I think?) consecutive completions - that's a pretty special half of football.

Dun-in-again is an idiot. You ever see his stupid cooking show? If you watch it you won't know if he wants you to notice what he's cooking or notice how much he works out. Always flexing and wearing shirts 10 times too small, it's hillarious!

The commentating was terrible. One of the most annoying games I’ve seen.

The Ricky Ray show was entertaining. Especially after he had a terrible 2nd half and almost lost.

The harping on giving up the safety and how he ruined the game by lobbying for years to change the rules was probably even more annoying. Trying to sell his change as a good thing, while we’re all forced to listen.

worst commentating ever at one point I heard gord miller say "and gerran walker brought down by stevie baggs" and another was "oh great tackle by saskatchewan scott gordon" I know we complain about foord and black but I actually missed them this game god it was terrible

what about during the final drive
Gord Miller was rabbling on the roughriders were almost in field goal range when as u all know
we were down by 4 and needed a td

And then he corrected himself. Big deal. He made a mistake. Get over it. I'll take a drunken Gord Miller over Black/Forde any day of the week.

Really? Miller didnt even knwo which players were on which team I cant stand black but at least he is accurate........whew to many wobbly pops im defending rod black.........

I thought it was funny when he said that Stevie Baggs made the tackle. He had the right number, but clearly the wrong team. I'm pretty sure that if I heard Rod Black say that, I'd call him a moron. For some reason, I gave Miller a pass on it. Whatever.

Calling a perfect game is pretty tough to do. If I have to take those kind of mistakes instead of the "HELLACIOUS HITS!" and other stupid comments from Mr. Black, then again...I'll stick with Miller.

Remember the "Up the gut" call every time the run went up the middle? Who was that anyways?

He had a horrible second half? What game were you watching?

In the second half alone:
2 drops by Rector
2 drops by Mann
2 drops by Stamps
1 drop by Peterson

All of those passes were thrown perfectly and accurately as well. The Esks’ second half offensive struggles was ALL on the receivers.

Yeah....that was someone on a CBC crew...

Amazing how time will make you forget things like that!

Mark Lee.

I wouldnt say its a man crush! R.Ray overall is the best QB in the CFL right now! And is giving credit where its dew! If anything he has a crush on Mike kelly!