Dunigan's analysis

Just saw his analysis of the game in which he said we were "out schemed and out manned".

He provided examples via replays and you can see exactly what he was talking about.

Speaking of Mattt Dunigan, wouldn't he be a great OC with Printers as his QB?

Speaking of Mattt Dunigan, wouldn't he be a great OC with Printers as his QB?
I have always thought he'd make a great OC.


That WOULD be a very intriguing combination.

dunigan would be an even better teacher for williams

Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong QB, but isn't Dunnigan a little full of himself?

I would doubt him ever being on the sidelines of a cat game unless he's reporting or officiating.

I missed what Dunigan said, but I can tell you that our D Line is extremely uncreative compared to Saskatchewan's.

The Riders ran many blitzes full of stunts where outside guys like Chick would run out of their lane, inside. We NEVER DO THAT. McKay and Keith ALWAYS try to get to the QB outside.

We need fresh coaching on D next year.

Never mind dunnigan, tracy ham is already on the payroll, get him here working with the offence.

Chooseing between Ham and Dunnigan, is a choice between a pocket passer who could scramble, compared to a scrambler who could pass from the pocket, -edge to Dunnigan in arm and edg to Ham with the feet.-get both. :cowboy:

oh no, not hamigan :o

I said I wanted turkey this time :x

One slight problem: see what Dunigan said about Printers last month

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists/matt_dunigan/?ID=218541]http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists ... ?ID=218541[/url]

but, what does Matt know anyhow


oh no, not hamigan

I said I wanted turkey this time .

Thats funny, Ha Ha, you made me laugh

I go With Ham.
Matt has Taken to many Shots to the head.

That was a funny thread Im still giggling
shots to the head lol

Well, it remains to be seen whether Casey will be the best. I think Dunnigan's just a little worried that some one might challenge Him as history's most arrogant QB.

That aside...Casey has completed passes, sustained drives and scored touchdowns Mr. Dunn-again. This game was the worst showing by the Cats O-line and receivers I've seen in quite some time. After Casey scrambles for his life and makes a great pass downfield on the run, guys like Bauman, Curry and Ralph will likely drop the ball anyway. Many of the unsustained drives were dropped balls, right in the hands.

Acquiring Casey has really made me see how far from competing this team really is. We can't blame the QB any more, and maybe we shouldn't have blamed the QB so much before. It seems that no matter who plays qb the results are the same.

One thing I have seen though is that the supporting cast are not capable of doing their part.

I think your thinking of the right person

I can’t see anything wrong in what Dunigan wrote. It would have shown a bit of common sense mixed in with some humility and reality if KP had come into town and actually performed well in a game before making such comments. Dunigan is a HOF QB and still watches the game closely given his position on TSN–I respect his opinion. If anyone knows football, especially QB, it would be Dunigan. And just one more thing–at last year’s HOF game where Dunigan was introduced, I later saw him beneath the stands at IWS chatting with some kids who were obviously disappointed by another massacre on the field–he was telling them to keep the faith and cheering them up. My wife and I were quite impressed by the man.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not a Bengal:
I'd still rather lose with a good QB. One less position to fill after the season.

Dunnigan obviously was an allstar QB,but I just dont understand what casey printers said that was so wrong.
All he basically said was it was time to start playing some exciting football,and that things are going to start turning around and imho they have as fare as the QB position is concerned.
And I think Casey even said dont expect him to come out and start throwing for 300 yards or anything because it is going to take time.
I think Matt just saw an opportunity to talk like a big shot that he used to be.
I think those guys on tsn make them selfs look kind of stupid at half time the way they sit arround telling everyone what a player was thinking and like they never made any mistakes when they were playing.
Its easy to say what a play should have looked like when you are sitting in a booth and can watch in on instance replay as many times as you want.
I think kahari jones sounds alot better when he does it because he just doesnt sound as arrogant when he is talking.
Now having said all that I am smart enough to know that all those guys on tsn and on cbc do know what they are talking about I just wish that they would stop talking like everyone watching didnt know what was going on in the game.

I think most the ex-players sound like... ex-players on broadcasts. I wonder if they get any serious training another than a new wardrobe and contract before they stick a microphone in their face.

Although I wasn't his biggest fan during his playing days I really have a new respect for Danny Mac after seeing how he handles himself on the tube. (and hearing on the forum about all his charity work)