Dunigan takes a shot at the NFL

Anyone watching the Mon/Win game? Dunigan just took a shot at the NFL, saying the CFL is more exciting because you can play so much more football in the final three minutes of each half. Kind of took me by surprise. :lol:

I don't know if stating a fact can really be considered a shot. I guess he didn't have to mention the NFL and could have just stated how exciting the CFL can be and usually is in the last three minutes and left it at that.

Its a fact that is also showing a major problem with the NFL's rules. He's totally right, but I dunno if its more a dig at the NFL or if its a compliment to the CFL.

Either way, it was great to hear him say it - it's so true!

I like Dunigan in the booth, he usually shows lots of enthusiasm. The downside is that means Stegall is then on the TSN panel. :roll:

Dunigan doesn't sugar coat things. Which I appreciate.
Since there's no Gameday thread for this game...I'll just get this off my chest here. Brock Ralph is awful.

I liked it.

the NFL needs more shots taken at it.

the more people can see that the NFL is all fluff and no substance, the more the CFL will gain in popularity.

^^ Now that kind of stupidity makes me shake my head. If you don't like the NFL, fine, you're not obligated to. However, to say it's all fluff and no substance is just... Well, like I said, stupid. The quality of play is no better or worse. Like many, many people have said before, it's OK to be a fan of both leagues.

it’s just my opinion Chief… you don’t have to like it.

I have found the NFL to be boring and very simple. the lack of variety shows when I watch.

But it’s just my opinion ok?

There ya go. :wink:

fixed it again.

it's not ignorant. I don't care for the NFL's boring game ok? I find it slow and boring and lacking variety.

they use TV and Special effects and great commentators to emphasize and work the game up for TV.

yet when you watch it, (me especially) I CANNOT stay interested enough to watch.

compliment to the CFL! :thup: he was just comparing the two leagues and said that is what’s great about CFL football. I don’t believe he cut down (or “took a shot at”) the NFL in any way.

Also, I agree with Cartman. Dunigan is a creative and knowledgeable commentator. “they were on him like bees on honey!” lol

Other debates aside, I agree with Dunigan with regard to the last 3 minutes of CFL ball and would prefer the same format to what is currently in place with the 2-minute warning in the NFL.

In the NFL we ought go to the same rules for clock stoppage as in the CFL after the 2-minute warning, with which I have no issue, so that teams in the lead can't just get ONE first down after the 2-minute warning and then for the most part do the victory poop-squat formation for the rest of the game. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

A great comment from Matt and again here is an American telling the truth.
No Fun League indeed and anytime we can take a shot at this "fluff operation" I am all for it.

Here is the absolute most anal rule in any sport, from your NFL how with 39 seconds on the clock the teams can walk off the field.
One of many head scratching rules from the supposed people of the "most successful league in the world".

Why do so many people try to turn this into an "us versus them" thing. I watch both the NFL and CFL and love both leagues. If you don't like the NFL, don't watch it. But there is nothing wrong with liking both leagues. Each have a lot of positives and each have their negatives. The CFL is not a perfect league either folks. Just enjoy what you enjoy, no need to take shots at the other.

And for the record, I don't think what Dunigan said was a shot, just a statement of fact.

True, we are all entitled to watch whatever floats your boat.
However and when necessary, the need does arise to take a position of either our vs. their mentality.

I think he mentioned NFL then said American ball in general. I'm suprised tsn allows him to make comments when they show both leagues.

Akin to ArgoT's excellent comments perhaps, I am hardly alone as a fan of both leagues to share ideas that would make each of them better, including from some other commenters I have seen on here, am I?

Not that every single idea I would think would be welcomed or even considered by either league, but starting with basic ideas is how anything has a chance at actually happening long after most sheeple will state "ah that'll never work in the (name of league)" but with often no grounds at all for such a position. :?

For the record the NFL needs some more changes than does the CFL in my view too.

If you're insecure maybe... :expressionless: