dunigan says play chang


And Charlie Taafe says....

Good article, Dunigan is right let Maas recover properly. Coming from July Jones’ system at the University of Hawaii he is well versed in chuckin’ the rock. By giving Chang the ball now he will develop faster and if the Tiger Cats can get a few breaks in the first two thirds of the season, Maas has a chance to recover and strengthen his arm. When that happens, the team has a chance.

Matt is one to talk
When He was a qb hated comming out of game
Same as Jason Maas dose now
so is that not pot calling the kettle Black.

actually its a hall of famer and one of the best this league has seen telling it like it is

sheesh, he is saying what the coach should do, not that Maas himself should make the call. The player should never want to come out, but the coach has to make the call.

How much coaching has Dunigan done?

:roll: what an irrelevant question.

in that case, aint nobody on these boards better give an opinion on who should play when or any other coaching or management decision.

Dunigan isn't exactly a brain surgeon, so that probably means that sticking with Maas is the right move.

But please, Taafe, put Chang in IMMEDIATELY if Maas fails to score a TD in the first two quarters against Toronto.

I think thats what he's saying. That being the case we all may as well stop watching because we haven't got a clue

Dunningan is a dork.. start Chang!

Dunnigan has said what most of us are thinking anyway with regards to Maas!

We won't have to wait long for something to be done. Coach Taafe gave him a chance, he may give him another, but without good results, the writing is on the wall!

Would You trust this man???

This is the Same man who hired John Jenkins as his OC in Calgary
He also is member of the Liberal Toronto Media..

I think not .


actually its a hall of famer and one of the best this league has seen telling it like it is
The best players in sport do not make the best coaches, so let the sideline reporter stick to his day job.

you would be wrong.

I assume you are an expert on both subjects of coaching and on-field reporting to make such a bold statement? Let me see some credentials.

I remember Lancaster making an off the cuff remark near the end of last season about the type of injury Mass has, and he said something to the effect that he has never seen or heard of a QB coming back full strenght after an injury like his.

Say what you will about Ron (and I highly respect him), but I think he may have been bang on with this one. We'll see; I say they'll start Mass this week for sure, but it'll be a quicker hook this time. :expressionless:

What does being a member of liberal media have to do with anything? Are you one of those crazy right wing bible thumpers who hate free thinking people?

No, he probably just hates people with opinions different than his.