Dunigan says information overload

I just read on tsn.ca that Porter is suffering from info overload and that they need to bring the playbook back down a bit for Porter to do what he does best. I believe what he says is true if anyone knows what a qb goes through it would be Matt. He feels porter is getting overwhelmed by the plays they have added and isn't reacting instead he's doing what the play calls for and i believe he's right

If this is true, this is why he needs to be watching, to me it dose not seem like our O is overly complex!

But combine that with checkdowns and trying to read defenses especially with an extra man on defense, not all American qb's are able to adjust to that quick, I can see it can be quite complicated just in that respect alone and then combine the playbook and all that.

So in english and not to bash the non rookie player Porter ...... Dunigan should have said Porter is not ready or may never be ready to play with a full play book ? Which in this league and many other leagues the looks you give a defense and check downs ,where your hot routes are , ext ext are so so important . Maybe the cats figure well were doing better then last year so lets keep with younger guy and see if he can fight threw the adversity . It is professional football folks if he cant deal with complex CFL play calling maybe he should still be watching and let someone that has that experience play ..( Not to mention any names ) lol .........Any offense is complex now . My personal opinion again on this hole situation is hes proven he cant do it week to week so how about let the other guy prove he can ...not 1 game here and one game there let him start 3 in a row now and see where that takes our football club ..

Dunnigan is concussed. Anything he says should be taken with a grain of smelling salts.
Probably his cheating buddy Kelly sending him to stir shiat.

melrose maniac.
Fer cryin' out loud....this is Porter's first season with the new coaching staff and as a starter.You looking for Tom Brady and the Grey Cup this season? It takes playing time to develop any QB...and the right coaching. We have not done this for a long,long time. I'm not saying Porter is the saviour for this team ....but I don't think we are at the point yet where we can throw him overboard. He has shown us some good stuff in the past.
Ask the question about Porter's future again at the end of the season.


I think it's more a case of talent underload.

An Argo-Cat fan

I haven't seen Matt at Ticat practices but

when I watch practice, Quinton, and all the players,
have no trouble running new plays in the game plan
just as smoothly as ones they've been running all year.

I have coached sports and this ability
of the players at this level amazes me.

Marcel was impressed with Quinton's eagerness to learn
right from Day One as a 3rd stringer coming to work early.

He is a highly intelligent individual and I don't think
that it's the size of the playbook that is his problem

IMO, his problem is his newness to tricky CFL defences
and the speed with which he has to make his reads

and his reluctance to give up on a play
by eating the ball or throwing it away.

With all due respect for your knowledge of the game, Ron,
you refer to Quinton's performance on the practice field a lot.

From my own experience, I can tell you there is a vast difference
between executing on the practice field vs under game conditions.

Dunnigan, who I have the utmost respect for, in terms of his
knowledge of the QB position and the game itself says the
"2 weeks in a row he (Dunnigan) can't complete the simplest
of tasks, such as catching a shot gun snap, looking off a
defender, completing the simplest of throws or even finding
the laces before throwing the football."

He also discussed the glazed look in Porter's eyes which he
attributes to information overload and in conversation
with Khari Jones, Khari agreed with him.

The Ticat's goal at this stage should be getting themselves
into the playoffs. Porter needs to rest and absorb whats
going on by studying defences and Kevin Glenn.

Porter has much potential, but while the team is approaching
playoffs and hopefully, a home game, Kevin needs to start
with Porter in the wings watching and learning.

It doesn't matter what kind of smarts Porter has scholastically,
it now comes down to execution and he isn't delivering at the moment.

I in no way call for Porter's head as he has great potential and I would
like to see him back in camp next season, but right now, the learning
period has to end and confidence needs to be restored in the offence.

Play Kevin Glenn.

Spike, you've hit the nail on the head.
I also agree with Matt, but would go a step further and not have QP start the rest of the season.
Go with Glenn.

One other note, I noticed someone mention how Montreal uses men in motion to see how the defense reacts, so that Calvillo can see whether they're playing a zone or man to man coverage.
Shouldn't we be doing the same thing?

Limiting the playbook works for a little while but then it makes it so much more easier for the defence to know what’s coming. Not a good long term solution at all. How about starting Glenn who can handle all the plays called lol.

I am sure how you could dumb down the play book any further. Our offense is very pradictable. What this team lacks is offensive and defensive adjustments on the fly. Other teams find a way to fight through the information overlaod - there is no reason why the Tiger Cats can be less pradictable and more effective. I like Dunnigan. However, he is paid to make comments that some respect have no merit whatsoever.

The biggest issue in the passing attack is that we cannot establish consistent separation for receivers underneath so that Porter or Glenn can hit a pass catcher IN STRIDE. What we have is a hope fest that our QB is upright so he can deliver the ball for it to arrive after a receiver makes a cut in his route. Most dynamism in a passing offense is hitting receivers in the open in flight. The "big play" function of this attack is often limited to jumpballing deep by Bruce or Rodriguez (usually a Glenn throw) -- not the kind of passes I've described.

In the CFL, that points to a simplicity in scheme and play design. Dumbing down or shortening the playbook is a strategy you have for QBs who are new to the lineup, not a de facto starter who has been in place since training camp. Any simpler and this playbook could start a run on napkins from Wendy's!

It's as if Gibson would tell Porter, "Don't tell Bruce to run the down-and-up at the Cadillac, we'll have him run an in off the edge of our driveway instead." That works wonders in pick-up games in NFL Street, but really doesn't scare anybody in the CFL when deception and cunning is out of the equation. Formation and pre-snap motion is not being utilized enough to create chase positions and uncertainty in opposing secondaries.

Oski Wee Wee,


I dunno about all this.
When Porter started last season he looked fearless. Ran with the ball well, made good reads...and all this with a very ineffective O line.
He seemed to be the same at the beginning of this year too.
Then, unknown to most of us, he was injured...but still played.
So I am wondering where the root of the problem lies.

  • Is it the play-calling? Maybe.
  • Has he been shell-shocked by opposing defences? He had good reason to be after the Montreal game but I don't see him all of a sudden becoming that way given his past performance.
  • Information overload? With all respect to Dunigan I don't think so. He is a bright fella according to the coaches so he should have no trouble reading defences.
  • Are the receivers letting him down because they are not getting open..... and if they do the result in many cases is dropped balls? Play calling too? I think that could be a good possibility.
    I am waiting for tonight's game to see how Porter and the rest of the team and the coaches respond after last weeks shellacking.
    That should indicate to all of us what kind of character this team has. Porter especially.

Information overload happens when a QB is not comfortable in the pocket and does not set. Pass rushers in one's face contributes to the uncertainty. Other offenses in the league get receivers in the open in space underneath quickly and pile up the YAC yards, why can't we? Getting receivers separated from their coverage makes the "information" EASIER to read. Without a dedicated blocker for the QB in the backfield (i.e. a fullback), that aspect has to be present. Otherwise, you are relying on the line to do most of the work while somebody beats their defender to get open.

Glenn IS more decisive and gets the ball out. When he's on, it makes the offense dangerous. The problem is that the scheming is rudimentary vs. other top-tier offenses in the league. Bruce gets doubled and we still can't get other receivers free early. Sometimes it makes Glenn ineffective and hold onto the ball more than he has to -- we had whole stretches of the Toronto game at the Rogers Centre where the attack sputtered. Porter is slower in his decsiveness, but the approach this team uses doesn't help him positively develop that quality. Lack of separation, predictability, bad protection schemes, o-line breakdowns -- all these feed on and reinforce each other against a well-coached and talented defence.

Oski Wee Wee,



Yes. All that.
And as for your question " why can't we?".....that goes to the offensive play calling scheme by Mike Gibson.
However the big problem to me with Glenn is that he is an inconsistent passer.
It's so bloody frustrating to see a receiver finally open and then so many times Glenn has either thrown the ball into the ground or over the receiver's head.
I think that's why Winnipeg was glad to send him to Hamilton. Glenn almost took the Bombers to the Grey Cup and after that he was never as effective. For all his playing time this season, Glenn has not shown us yet that he still has it.
We'll have to see how Porter does today.
If Porter does not become more effective in the next couple of games ( with the proviso that the rest of the offence is pulling its weight!) maybe the Porter exercise should be dropped and Glenn and Tafralis should finish the season.

Don’t forget how useless AC was in hamilton when he was young and now look at him.