Dunigan, Sanchez to coach in CFC Prospect Game May 27

TORONTO — Canadafootballchat.com (CFC) and TSN are proud to announce that CFL on TSN analysts Matt Dunigan and Davis Sanchez will be special head coaches at the CFC Prospect Game on TSN.

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Matt Dunigan played here in Winnipeg and took us to two Grey Cups. While not 'magnificent' I think his tenure here was at least better than a slap in the belly with a wet fish.

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I'm proud to say that my son works for CFC and has been heavily involved in the planning , coordinating and production of this game . He has been working extremely hard on this project and is in Ottawa at the present time setting up all the logistics as we speak .

I haven't talked to him since Monday but that last conversation we had he was just a tad more than a little stressed worrying if this game would be a go or not and on TSN with the league rejecting the first ratification offer and the possibility of the Argo-REDBLACK pre-season game being cancelled .

I honestly got to feel for my boy as he has been unbelievably busy since March with setting all this up . In March he set out with his team which included ex CFLers Larry Jusdanis and Scott Flory among others on a coast to coast jaunt from BC to Nova Scotia coordinating tryout camps for all the hopeful high school prospects for this game .

The craziest thing about this was the fact that up until last Wednesday (may 18 ) he had lived in Hamilton . He has since drove out to BC with his girlfriend which was another four and a half day cross country jaunt to their new place in South Surrey in BC .

So long story short they officially got the keys to their new place on the holiday Monday and then he had to turn immediately around and catch a red eye flight back to Ottawa to help set up and coordinate this game . So here's hoping that the game is a success and things go smoothly for all those involved in producing it . :star_struck: :pray:


Wow Bobo. He's busier than a gorilla at an overturned banana truck.

Good for him. Working his tail off behind the scenes to make these football dreams a reality. It sounds like a labour of love.


Here is just a short video and more info on this game . It also shows the cross country itinerary and all the stops and cities that were made on the prospect tour .


Yup . I'm very proud of him and the work that he has accomplished in promoting all the Canadian football talent that is out there across this beautiful country of ours .

The only sad thing of it though is that with him moving out to BC is that I have now lost my season ticket partner . The good news though is that ironically and as luck would have it the Cats play the Lions in BC on July 21st this season . That just happens to be my birthday and guess where I'll be celebrating it ? :thinking: :grinning:


Awesome stuff. Tell your son his work is appreciated by the posters here.


I don't see this game listed on the schedule for any of TSN's channels. Do you know if it's to be broadcast today or saved for a later date?

This is the program that would've uncovered Andrew Harris had it existed back in the day when he was bustin' moves for the Vancouver Island Raiders.

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If I'm not mistaken I seem to recall that my son said that it would be on a tape delay and shown on either Monday or Tuesday of next week . The reason he said was that so all the parents and family as well as the players could watch it when they get back home .

I tell you what though , I should be talking to him sometime tonight after the game or tomorrow when he gets back home and I'll ask him for the details and post them for you .

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Absolutely 100% correct .

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Thanks. A quick scan of the sched shows it listed on TSN5 Monday night at 7:30.

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Nice to see Edmonton so well represented. We have always had a very good high school football program. Harry Ainley in particular seem well represented.

Great to see grass roots football getting recognized.


Here's an interesting story to tell you about when the tour of cities landed in Edmonton . The camp there had an unexpected guest coach as Chris Jones suddenly showed up and gave more than an hour of his time helping coach up the kids . My son told me that Jones was amazing with the kids and the kids were amazed that a pro coach was there evaluating and helping them out .

My son also said that Jones was actually quite a nice guy and nothing like his alter ego bad guy persona that seems to follow him around wherever he goes . :sunglasses:

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Yes. Victor Cui has really taken a community minded approach to running the club.
It's a refreshing change. Back in the late 70's early 80's it was amazing not just the Canadians, but the hometown guys that played for the team. I think Cui knows what that means to the club and the fans.

It is awesome that they are getting out and getting involved in the community like that. The team has always been community minded and its so nice to see those guys doing stuff and making connections in the community.

I never understood all the bad about Jones. You get that "he's ruining the league" stuff but most seems tied to Saskatchewan fans and their disappointment from when he was there. He won in Edmonton because he walked in to a very good team and got a premier QB.

His players seem to love playing for him, as is obvious by the guys who follow him from team to team. That's all you can ask is that guys want to come play here.

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I envy you. You have to go to that game.

Trust me , I'm already there . It'll be the best birthday that I'll ever have . :birthday: :partying_face:

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bobo, super cool story
I remember your son was a regular poster on this site!
I forgot his name here, but, I forgot what I had for lunch today so there is that.
You should be proud of him
Heck I'm super proud of him!


Well, if you were closer we could have steaks and share a cake......

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Thank you Grover and yes I am extremely proud of the success he has had and how he has climbed up the ladder in this organization . It's hard to believe that he started out as a volunteer just to get some experience and is now the Manager , Senior Editor , Social Media coordinator as well as still being a lead columnist and finally the Prospect Ambassador Manager for this project .

Oh and by the way when he used to post here he was first known as 2ez4thaCats and then later just 2ez .