Dunigan on Canadian QBs

Canadian QBs need support
from the league: Dunigan

Kevin Mitchell

Canwest News Service

Friday, May 02, 2008

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Dunigan signed Queen's QB Tommy Denison to a contract in 2004,

when he was coach and G.M of the Calgary Stampeders.

"I was getting my ass ripped by (Stampeders owner)
Michael Feterik every day,'' recalls Dunigan.

" He'd say, 'Who's paying that kid?'

"I'd say 'Well, you are.'

Dunigan drops his voice into an impersonation of Feterik.

" 'Why? He's never going to play!'

"I believed," Dunigan continues, "in trying to develop Canadian talent

and making a position for him on the practice roster.

I couldn't put him on the (regular) roster,
because I would have been fired.

I was working for my job and trying to keep my head
above water with him on the practice roster.

I wanted to be a standup guy and live by
what I'd been talking about for 20-some odd years."

and he offers a solution. Click on the link above.

Posters were discussing Ron Lancaster's opinion
on 13thman.com which is accessible at the link below

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And here is the 13thman.com thread on it.



I couldn't get the link to work on 13thman.com

to post Matt Dunigan's article on Canadian QBs

so I posted it here.

Well, we had our own hometown QB back in 1997. Does the name Larry Jusdanis ring a bell? The kid tore up the CIAU and set most of the passing records while at Acadia. Then he even got a chance to play for the Cats when injuries occurred to the likes of Anthony Calvillo. (We were 2-16 in 1997 so he didn't win many games, but as a whole, our team wasn't great.)

In 1998 Ron Lancaster took over as head coach and promptly dismissed Mr. Jusdanis because he didn't want to deal with the media associated with having a Canadian QB on the team. It's a shame, Jusdanis played well that year, better than most rookie QBs that's for sure.

I think the CFL would love to have the second coming of Russ Jackson. And if we could develop such quality Canadian quarterbacks, maybe down the line the NFL will try and steal them away from us with the lure of big money. And wouldn't it be something if a Canadian quarterback ended up leading a team to a Super Bowl victory!

Of course that's an extreme long shot considering Canadian QBs don't even get a chance to compete in training camps in the CANADIAN Football League.

he was good enough to go to the nfl combine; not good enough to get a real shot in the cfl.
go figure!

In their final pick of the day

in a trade with Hamilton for the 41st overall pick

in exchange for a neg list player,

the Riders selected Regina quarterback Teale Orban (6’2 – 205 lbs).

The 2007 Hec Crighton Canda West Conference nominee

was a Canada West all-star,

led the CIS in Touchdown passes

with 22 and passing yards with 2,273.

The Regina Ram also broke U of R single game records

in pass completions (38) and attempts (54).

I like your post, Ron. I empathize with Dunigan's reflections on his arrival to Canada in 1983 and the problems he encountered with the 65 yard wide field, 3 downs, 20 second rule, extra player, 3 down football, etc.
He went on to note that Canadian raised QBs don't have these problems since they have been trained to deal with them from day one.

Canadian quarterback placements in the CFL should be emphasized if they show the right kind of potential.

A pretty good QB who gave Joe Zuger a run for his money was our own Frank Cosentino.

Frank had a cannon for an arm and led the Ticats to many wins, either as the starting QB or in tandem with Zuger.

Josh Sacobie of the Ottawa Gee Gee's got passed over in this year's draft. Erik Glavic of Saint Mary's won the Hec Creighton award this year as CIS MVP so that's another name to keep an eye on.

In fact, 3 of this year's 4 nominees for the Hec Creighton were QB's. Sacobie, Teale Orban (Regina Rams, drafted by Sask), and Glavic. Hopefully these guys catch on and make a CFL club.

Good for Mat Dunigan. He's a real student of the Canadian game.

I think it would be fairly simple to make a small rule change that would give Canadian QBs a little better shot than they have now. I suggest that instead of having three categories of player on the roster (Imports, Non-Imports and Quarterbacks) we should just have the first two categories. Right now, QBs form a separate group, and the ratio requirement does not apply to them. Just eliminate that special group, and let the coaches decide which Imports and Non-Imports they want to play across the entire roster. If there is a Canadian QB who might be able to make the roster as third string, thus freeing up an Import slot for a player at another position, then they might very well want to do that. It wouldn't be difficult to make this change, and might give homegrown QBs a better chance at a CFL career.

Yes, I would love to see another Frank Cosentino or Russ Jackson one day. When those guys and others played, there was no special roster category for QBs, I don't see why we need one now.

I don't like the idea of forcing teams to carry one canadian q.b at all. One of the reasons is Ritchie Williams would not be on this team right now if such a ridiculous rule was in place. I'm all for Canadian q.b's to get a shot, but I don't think jobs should just be handed to them. The majority of the great q.b's in this league started out as third stringers, so it would be just complete nonsense to hand all the third string q.b postions over to Canadian q.b's over American rookies who have more potential.

Ticats only have 3 QBs going into camp at this point i believe ? The Bombers & BC are in the same boat I think. You need 4 if not 5 QBs for TC.

Sacobie (big, cannon for an arm) + John Makie (very poised, smart and accurate QB IMO - who led the Bisons to a Vanier win) - were ignored in the draft - could still be signed as FAs for a look. Not sure any CFL team has much clue about them though (Sacobie & Orban went to the CFL Combine - wether CFL "scouts" have actually watched them play football is another matter). Glavic will somehow be over-looked down the road too I bet.

maybe they should allow for each team to add a 4th QB if Canadian, allowing for only 3 to be dressed per game. Also, perhaps, that 1 canadian qb should be exempt from the cap, but only if he is a 4th QB and paid under a certain amount.

What he said.

No, no, no, a 4rth string QB would never make it on the field.

Make the 3rd string QB a mandatory Canadian.

Then there would be no 4th string. Its enough to have the canadian on the roster somewhere, then let him earn his playing time.

I agree with you. I wouldn't want to force a team to have a Cdn QB either, or hand jobs to them.

It's just that under the current system, with all QBs in a special category that is exempt from the ratio requirement, in effect all QBs can be Imports without regard to the rest of the roster. I'd just like to see QBs in the same mix as everyone else. That way, Ritchie Williams would still be our #2 QB no doubt, and maybe Chang would be #3, but perhaps he'd have a run for his money from a Canadian kid if that guy was good enough.

Someone like Lumsden is considered a "ratio-buster" because he is a strong Canadian at a position usually reserved for US players. Good for him, and good for the team. Thing is, with the current system there can never be a ratio-buster at QB because there is no ratio applicable to that position.

I feel this is an important topic to be apart of.

Reading the above posters, I agree that it seems Canadians do not get to enter the CFL with an equal chance to compete at the quarterback position.

Making QB's exempt from the ratio rule creates a nearly insurmountable barrier, in the harboring of stigma against Canadian football players.

I don't believe that any special rules to mandate Canadians are reserved a 3rd or 4th QB position would solve this issue. In fact, it might only increase the stigma that CND QB's are not as good, and create tension and dissent between players, coaches and management.

The only viable solution, that would insure an even chance to compete for a roster position, would be to include quarterbacks as part of the ratio for the team.

The key wording here is "fair and even chance to compete for the position"

(Hypothetically) If a kid from Thunder Bay, can walk into camp after university and grab a 3rd, or 2nd string spot good for him. If another kid from Ottawa goes to camp and is released in preseason because he cannot produce, then that's just how the pro leagues work. This process is reflected at every other position on the football field.

The point is Canadians don't even get to training camp because coaches are exempt from playing Canadians at the position. The coaches do not even have to look at Canadian QB's. They do not have to spend a minute in evaluation or watching game tape.

It is an unfortunate fact that creates a prejudice (and apparently hostile) atmosphere for young Canadian athletes. I feel that in turn this sullies the Canadian Football League and depreciates the reputability, history, and prestige, and overall value of the product.

It is my sincerest hope that this issue is addressed as quickly as possible by the league in a manner that resolves the issue indefinitely, by no longer allowing quarterbacks to be exempt from the ratio rule.


Very well said LB74, better than I managed to express it.

I share your hope that the CFL will act quickly to get rid of the ratio exemption for QBs. We didn't always have it, and I don't see why we ever needed to introduce it.

Matt Dunnigan was one coach who tried to give a Canadian QB a chance to develop, but never got the chance to follow through.
Eric Tillman maybe is going to give Orban a chance to develop. It will take time, maybe another in the CIS and then on the practice roster in 09. It is a process that takes time especially at the QB position.
I have always been in favour of scrapping the QB only position rule and going back to what was original. X number of imports and X number of Canadians and let the coaches decide how they want to address the backup QB situation.
What we would see IMO would be athletic import QB's who could play other positions (WR/S for example) and eventually a Canadian QB as well. With the 46 man roster that dresses 42 another import QB could easily be kept around for insurance as well.
It's time the B of G and the Commisioner took the bull by the horns and told the Coaches and GM's, "this is how its going to be, make it work". They make it work for the other Canadians. You can count on one hand the Canadian kids that come into the league and start their first year. They have to be "DEVELOPED".
The problem now is that there wouldn't be enough Canadian QB's for every team right off the bat. If the rule hadn't been changed, players like Judanis and Dennison and others would still be in the league so the two or three good ones that come out each year would be able to keep the roster requirements filled. Now they would be starting from scratch.

The only rule change that I see as being fair might be to give coaches an incentive to have a canadian q.b dress would be to have him count as a non import starter, but to make things fair that team would then not be able to have their non import kicker count as a starter.

'Some' teams will put up with a poor kicking game just to have an extra import start somewhere else so I'm sure teams would rather put up with a third string Canadian q.b on their roster instead.

Interesting article in today's Star dealing with this issue: