Dungy announces his retirement

Well, like Dungy, I took a week to comtemplate what I'd do about the NFL. At first I was ready to give up on the Colts and the NFL as a whole. But after a week, I decided I wanted Dungy to retire, and I wanted serious help on defence. If both of those things happened, I'd consider dusting off my Peyton jersey again.

I have nothing against Dungy; he'll go down as one of the greatest of all time (even though he only has one ring). He made the playoffs in 10 consecutive seasons, was the first black coach to win the Super Bowl, is the only coach to win 12 or more games in 6 consecutive seasons, won 5 consecutive divisional titles, etc. I don't believe the last is a record, but it's still pretty impressive.

He was a great coach, and he'll be missed. I just thought it was time for a change.


Not just one of the great coaches but probably one of the greatest father figures to players there has ever been. Just listen to anyone talk about him. I read his book last year and would highly recommend it to anyone who believes in family