Dundas Dragons Appeal to All Tiger Cat Fans!

The Dundas Dragons girls soccer team will be in the stands this evening cheering on the Tiger Cats. This group of 10 year old girls are one of fifteen teams in a national contest to win $125,000 for new soccer fields in their town + $5,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation. Teams in Calgary, north of Toronto, and north of Montreal are receiving twice the number of votes. We need Hamilton to support the Dragons and vote each day until the contest closes on Monday!

The contest is sponsored by a Major Canadian Bank that does not sponsor the CFL so I will not give you a direct link, however, a quick link can be found at the Dundas Dragons website.

Please go to http://www.dundasdragon.com and VOTE DUNDAS DRAGONS.

We need votes each and everyday for the next three days!


Best of luck and I'll cast my vote shortly.

Thanks Earl.

The Dundas Dragons will be cheering loudly tonight and are hoping that Hamilton Tiger Cat fans will support their bid to win this national contest for their community.

Please vote at DundasDragon.com and follow the link.

Vote Dundas Dragons!

Go Ticats!


Thank you Half the Distance,

This group of 10 year old girls had an amazing time at the game last night. They were cheering their little hearts out up in the family section all night long. Their uniforms were damp but their spirits were not.

We have 2 days left in the contest (sponsored by a major Canadian bank that doesn't sponsor the CFL) and we are lagging behind teams from Blainville (north of Montreal), Glen Shields (north of Toronto) and Calgary.

We can only win this great prize for our community with a strong surge from the city of Hamilton.

I urge all Ticat fans to help us in this fight for the next 2 days and spread the word to your contacts that the Dundas Dragons need a lot of help and a few seconds of your time to vote. They have a chance to win $125,000 for new soccer fields in the town of Dundas and $5,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation. But time is running out.

Please go to dundasdragon.com and follow the link.

Vote Dundas Dragons and help these young girls win this one in a lifetime opportunity for their community.

Oskee Wee Wee Everybody!


Thanks Banshee... the Dragons are heading into the last day of voting and would appreciate all the help they can get.

All Ticats fans... please vote tonight and tomorrow at dundasdragon.com and follow the link!

Thanks to all who have voted

I voted yesterday (didn't notice this thread on Saturday) and tried to vote again today but unfortunately the link didn't work. :x