Duncan O'Mahony Needs a Kicking Coach and Badly!!!

This guy is in desperate need of some quality FG and kick off coaching based on the few times I have watched him practice including today.

Without going into too much detail he has got to get the mechanics down right and work on a consistent approach to the ball. At one time I don’t what he was doing with his holder and the snapper - CP -at the end of training but he looked to be dithering around with what the holder was doing or the ball spot, rather than focused on what he has to do and that is kick the thing through the uprights. (okay so there is a lot of detail…lol).

  1. It is the holders job to get the ball down and laces away. Just do the kicking, Duncan for crying out loud! Do YOUR job, not worry about his or the snapper other than if it goes awry. Reduce this guy’s decision-making to the kick itself. His cockiness seems to be a bit of a factor here.

  2. I am not sure, but from outside the fence admittedly, he may be changing the angle of his approach to the ball when he kicks based on the distance he is faced with. That - if true- is going to be problematic and lead to erratic kick results.

He measures the distance back from the spot and then goes off that line sideways making the measure seem irrelevant. That is not looking to be helpful. His steps to the ball seem consistent if stuttered a bit. He does not kick like a soccer player.

  1. Practice FGs from all angles and distances. They seem to have him just at one distance or thereabouts most of the time so he looks to me more like a guy at a driving range just letting out shaft. When both the kick team and an opponent is lined up it may take more time but you got to move the angle and the ball around to simulate the game situation where he is spotty.

  2. Why can’t he hit FGs on his own at training using the uprights that are on wheels? Not seen that in 3 times out there but I don’t know what he does on his own.

  3. Kick offs- All kickers at practice take a few “chip shot” kickoffs on their own just in case they might need it later in a game. I know the Lions don’t do this like the old Lions did with Lui who had some skills with this but I have seen Duncan a few times on his own taking a whack at a few all by himself.

This guy has NO idea of how to strike a ball that would work on one of these. None probably as Wally Buono has been his coach and they don’t do the trickery too much. When I see how he strikes the ball to go short it looks more like my wife swinging her foot at my butt when she’s mad.

If they ever need a short kick we are screwed if he doesn’t bring a hand bag to the game. Better still, line Brett Anderson up next to Duncan and have him take a short kick to the left. Or, teach DO to kick some left footed as that might make him see what he is not doing right with his kicking leg.

Do they ever get O’Mahony on film at training??? Or have someone watch the guy on his own?

While I am going on about this. Why isn’t the greatest kicker in CFL history not brought into work with this guy or review his progress or training regimen or something? Lui P works for the Lions I think.

Wally should get over the fact that Lui was never a Stampeder and bring this guy to training. This is a great coaching staff and a great head coach but why would you not use all the resources on Mr. Braley’s payroll to assist a guy who is having some FG problems? Wally can still teach him all he knows about punting being a former kicker and all that.

Does Braley ever ask that question or is that Wally’s department alone. I know if I owned a team I’d be quietly asking that question of the right people.

yes Lui does work with the team... he is a PR guy.... i had about 2 minutes to speak with him about a year after he called it quits... and he had stated that he didn't want to be involved in the coaching aspect because after 25 years he'd had enough of travelling away from the family... he just wanted to stay in Vancouver and didn't want to be on the road.... it's a shame cuz i think he'd probably make a good head coach.... and course he'd make one of the greatest kicking coaches ever... however... even if the team asked him just to help teach him while they are in town so that he didn't have to travel with the team like he would if he was part of the coaching staff... that would be a great benefit to O'Mahony and the team

i havent said anything Harsh about O'Mahonys past two games. i watch him b4 games at bc place, comin on the field after everyone clears the field and he does take the time to practise. which put a smile on my face, but i do agree he needs someone in his corner. after watchin Wallys face after the game in bc vs teh esks... a kick inside the 28 and the 14 i think? it was sad. kinda made me think back to last years western final game. i like guy, and im proud that he is on the team. i dont want him to leave. just someone needs to spend some time with him.

Is he still drinking before the game that might be the problem!

lol R&W.... good one... i almost hope for his sake that he is... at least that way he has an excuse.. haha

I can't believe this is the same guy who hit that 45+ yarder in the western final overtime to win last year when the kick was on second down. Mind you it was from dead centre, he seems to have problems kicing even 10-yarders at an angle. Keep in mind if he missed that kick, chances are Sask won that game by a point unless they sacked Holmes in the endzone or something.

it's those 10 yard at an angle ones that are the hardest to hit...

When I see how he strikes the ball to go short it looks more like my wife swinging her foot at my butt when she's mad.
Thanks Football 16 regarding your observations regarding O'Mahoney's train ing methods and your insights as to how the problem could be corrected. Perhaps Buono old buddy Don Sweet is not the man to get our kicker out of his slump/or get him to be a consistent kicker. O'Mahoney wasn't trained as a field goal kicker. Dave Cutler, who I know, lives in Victoria. He's helped young aspiring kickers in the past.

The best guy to help O'Mahoney would be Lui......and he wouldn't have to travel. Just provide better structure to O'Mahoney's practices and give him some technical observations and encouragement.

How do we know if Lui hasn't already been working with O'mahoney?

Blitz, wasn't Cutler a "straight ahead" kicker? If so, I'm not sure he could do much to help O'Mahoney with his technique. There is a world of difference between the two styles, although I'm not sure what O'Mahoney's style would really be called! He's been good in the past, and I hope he is again soon.

Yes, Cutler was a straight ahead kicker who tied up his shoe so he is not a direct kicking model. Lui is more likely to be a better guy for him.

Blitz nails this spot on as to what I was driving at with his comment below.
As the old saying goes, perfect practice makes perfect. Also, it the the structure of the practice and time management. I respect that a kicker is not going to be out nailing kicks like a guy in batting practice.

Blitz said:
The best guy to help O'Mahoney would be Lui......and he wouldn't have to travel. Just provide better structure to O'Mahoney's practices and give him some technical observations and encouragement.

if anybody needs a kicking coach it's troy westwood. i hope the NFL doesn't pick up jon ryan because he may need to start doing some place kicking

I know Dave Cutler and talk to him every summer at a lake we both spend some time on. Cutler was a straight ahead kicker. He also spent some time in the Leos organiztion a ways back. He has worked with young kickers who are soccer style kickers and has had lots to offer.

It really doesn't matter as much who helps O'Mahoney in terms of technique. More importantly is the psychology of kicking. Kicking at the pro level is 90% mental. A CFL pro kicker who has been successful and also had some adversity would be helpful. In the old days hockey goalies never had coaches. Today most temas use a goaltender coach. Field goal kicking is a very important part of the CFL game and can be critical to winning.

I've always thought O'Mahoney had the chip on his shoulder and mental attitudue to be a very good kicker. Right now I don't believe he does and getting his mental game back is even more critical than his technique. As Football 16 also pointed out.....O'Mahoney needs more structure to his practice sessions. With confidence and good practice habits O'Mahoney could still become a very competent field goal kicker as well as a punter. He's early in his field goal career.....it will be interesting to see what happens.

Seeing that I started this thread off and knocked the guy, I guess I should add that I saw the end of the Lions practice yesterday and the more intense focus the kicker and the coaches had on the FG kicking. They varied the yardage and the angle and seemed to take more FGs than I had seen before where it looked an afterthought rather than a key part of the session.

O'Mahony looked focused and seemed from my view outside the fence to be hitting them through the uprights consistently. Not sure from that view if any missed but if they did the kicks looked like he was more focused than the week earlier and were certainly strong kicks.

What he needs to do in practice is use that goal post on wheels. Like get it down to the Skytrain end of the field and work his FGs cross field starting from in close and angled to the longer distances. He should also try converts left footed for practice as well as short kicks. He was kicking cross-field looking like he was using the yard lines to mark his kicks. Not so good unless he is practicing kickoffs which may have been the case... not sure.

Despite his better focus yesterday in my view, he strikes me as a guy who is taking the same FG kick regardless of the distance looking too much like a blind folded person hitting a pinata. I'd prefer the kicker to have a consistent stroke modified only by accounting for the distance and wind factors much like a guy hitting a drive on the golf course where you get a feel for the distance you need to hit and where you are trying to reach. Then you shank it into the bush...lol The pros hit where they are aiming.

Jack Nicklaus used to say he looked at where he thought the shot needed to be, selected the club and visualized the kind of shot he'd need to make with that club to reach the spot. Then he'd hit it. That is field goal kicking also except you use the same club.

The chip on your shoulder is not what I'd rank high for my kicker. I don't like overly emotional guys taking a kick for a win. Too often, they start getting ahead of themselves or focus on the last kick or miss. No one is going to be a success if they are thinking miss or not focused on the kind of kick needed to hit the target. I'd want a guy who can focus on the task and remove all outside factors from his mind other than the job at the moment.

If you look at Lui Passaglia I'd say his success came from his professionalism and desire to succeed. If there were a balance issue for Lui it would have been a case of Lui's desire to succeed with a healthy fear of failing that accounted for the mental side of his success. That is not to suggest that Lui was motivated by a fear of failing, far from it. He is the consumate professional in all his professional undertakings and meets all three of the requirements for a pro:

  1. a pro is good at what he does
  2. a pro is good and knows why
  3. a pro is good and is constantly getting better.

Is there anything else no matter what your profession to be a pro at it? The key is to know what works for you as well as striving for improvements. That to me are hallmarks for a good kicker.

Many of the overly cocky guys in soccer are bad at penalty shots when their egos get in the way of their focus on the shot, situation and keeper. I select my order of shooters for a shootout based on performance in training and my sense of the mindset of the player after playing 120 min in reg and OT with mindset being the final determinant of who shoots when or at all. Not lost a shoot out yet with that philosophy. I want a guy shooting to be focused - we know he has the skill from practice - and a bit nervous to overcome his desire to become a hot dog at the last moment and blow the shot.
I know coaches who take volunteers and work the order that way and some of them have been pro coaches... guess what... they always lose and it is on the mental side - too cocky!!! One coach I know lost a trip to the college nationals and his assistant told me the guy who missed the final shot had done the same miss over the bar to lose a final for his high school team a year before. He was reliving his high school days.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

The chip on your shoulder is not what I'd rank high for my kicker. I don't like overly emotional guys taking a kick for a win.
I usually don't like players with 'chips' on their shoulders either. However, field goal kickers, like goalies in hockey, have to let misses "roll off them' and focus on the next kick. It takes a little bit of cockiness and confidence to do that, based upon the pressures of field goal kicking, and the fact that all kickers miss occasionally and misses are much more remembered than the ones you put in. It's a lot different than a reciever who drops a pass or a hockey player who misses the net with a shot. The focus on the field goal kicker is much more intense and isolated from the rest of the play of the game.

Kellett was an example of a field goal kicker who had all the tools but couldn't handle the misses. Like a snowball the situation compounds itself.

I like your analogy to golf. In golf the key thing is to separate each hole from the next. A golfer can't allow a bogie to effect his next hole. The great ones are able to shrug it off....it takes a tough mental attitude, a lot of confidence, and a "bit of an edge" to compensate for the pressure that comes from those misses.....

O'Mahoney is struggling right now but I have the confidence that he will turn it around. He started slow last season as well and made the clutch field goals when they counted.

I guess time will tell.

he needs to practace but at least he has got points on the board and he hasn't cost the lions a game yet.

he needs to practace but at least he has got points on the board and he hasn't cost the lions a game yet.

It hasn't hurt us yet... but as the games get more important......

Yea caues he misses a lot!