Dunbrack Back As Player !!

8) The Cats have signed Roger Dunbrack to the practice roster.
 The former Cat has been the teams strength and conditioning coach this season.

 Even at the age of 35, I think he will be a valuable addition down the stretch run with his experience,

 and his ability to plug up the middle of that D Line.

  At least we know he is in great shape !!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

I agree with what you are saying, Tipper but I wonder if this has something to do with
the league requiring teams to have a minimum of 2 Canadians on their practice rosters?

There are none at all on the practice roster listed on this website right now.

8) You`re right Ron, even Dunbrack is not yet added officially to the practice roster.
 With the release this week of Adrian Baird, and the addition of Matt Carter to the active roster,

 we would still be 1 Cand. short on the PR, even when Dunbrack is added to it.

 By the way, have you heard any news on Matt Robichaud, as of late    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Matt is on the 9 Game due to some Personal Issies.
I wish him Well he a great guy and very good Long Snaper

I originally posted Dunbracks return to the playing filed. However, my post was removed by the moderators. Nonetheless, Dunbrack would be a nice addition considering most other teams are loading up with talent and the Tiger Cats seem to want to stand pat. I hope the coaching staff is right considering the Bombers are right behind poised to take second place.