Dumping on Allen

Never have been an allen fan, but I disagree with all this Bishop better than Allen based on last game crap.

note the stats and the passer rating

Name Team Att Comp % Yards Avg Long TD % Ints % Rating

15 RAY, R EDM 42 33 78.6 394 9.4 63 5 11.9 1 2.4 136.4
1 BURRIS, H CGY 26 17 65.4 230 8.8 57 2 7.7 0 0.0 119.1
9 ALLEN, D TOR 18 14 77.8 130 7.2 31 1 5.6 0 0.0 115.5
5 GLENN, K WPG 44 29 65.9 416 9.5 49 1 2.3 0 0.0 104.0
17 BISHOP, M TOR 13 7 53.8 75 5.8 24 1 7.7 0 0.0 96.6
11 MAAS, J HAM 23 17 73.9 170 7.4 39 0 0.0 0 0.0 94.5
4 JOSEPH, K SSK 30 16 53.3 230 7.7 34 1 3.3 0 0.0 89.6
12 DICKENSON, D BC 27 17 63.0 179 6.6 45 0 0.0 1 3.7 66.7
13 CALVILLO, A MTL 39 28 71.8 271 6.9 23 0 0.0 3 7.7 58.8
7 CHANG, T HAM 7 4 57.1 86 12.3 51 0 0.0 1 14.3 41.4

so what the heck do ya all base this talk of Bishop being better anyhow.

I missed the substitution but a media source noted that the Argos weren't consistently moving the ball with Allen and that Bishop was more elusive.

I think you missed some key stats:

9 Allen, Damon QB I 6.00 186 1963-07-29 Cal State Fullerton
17 Bishop, Michael QB I 6.02 215 1976-05-15 Kansas State
12 McMahon, Mike QB I 6.02 210 1979-02-08

I don't care what the stats are, except W for win. Allen can throw 20 for 20 with no interceptions, but if they are all 5 yard passes and you only score 1 point, what good was it? Statistics are misleading. I prefer a QB that can attack the defence like Bishop can. Did you see that back footed bomb last week? No way Damon can stretch a field like that anymore. With the poise, confidence and smarts that we finally have been seeing in Bishop, next week could be very scary for the kitty cats.

Passer rating is a garbage stat cause it only factors in how well somebody actually threw the ball. Running and sacks aren't included.

Allen held onto the ball too long and got sacked at least 5 times. Bishop moved the pocket and used his legs as a weapon and was overall more effective.

Did you even watch the game?

what I saw was a fresh legged bishop against a non fresh tiring defense.

what I saw was 6 out 13 passes hit the ground.

Not saying bishop isn't better this yr, but how many yrschances has he had to prove himself in this league. I just dont see him being the QB of the future for this team and I dont see this one game being any reason to assume he should start and allen is finished.

Personally, I am rooting for McMahon to earn the starting job by end of season.

Allens stats were definately not worthy of him being pulled but it looks like the Argos have more bounce in their step when Bishop is in their and maybe even McMahon.

How did Allen ever become so boring to watch though.

In this instance stats do lie.
I was at the game and no doubt those who saw on TV, would come away with the conclusion how Damon is done.
He is no longer mobile and the throws are not crisp and he cannot go down field.
Just zero percentage swing and screen type short passes.

not say allen did great, just that bishop did no better IMO.

Allen needs to gracefully step aside and let someone else take over as QB. You've had a great career, Damon, dont tarnish it by hanging around too long and making a fool of yourself.


praise the lord

why cant Damon just retire and get a simple media job like mcmanus and khari jone??? The guy is embarrassing himself out on the field.


He's great Hall of Famer and his contribution to this league is right up there with Jackie Parker, Russ Jackson, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie and many other greats. But he he just needs to call it a career and let the young ones take over.

I don't blame Pinball for not benching him, but Allen needs to leave on his own or eventually he will be forced to sit down.

I kind of blame the Argos for giving DA false hope.
They should have insisted after last year that he retire from the team and perhaps offer him a QB coaching position.
If he refused, the team like most others under similar circumstance should have cut him outright. End of story.

People will remember Allen for this season, where he embarrasses himself for playing too long, rather than looking back on a HOF career.

.....it's a real challenge for a guy of Allens calibre to move over.....and say just that ....it's over......with guys as young as Bishop ....with a gun for an arm.....it's just a matter of time.....and Allen more than likely sees the writing on the wall ....it just takes time for a qb. of his sature to accept....sooner or later it will become quite clear... as it has to everyone else........ 8)

We can appreciate how it must be tough on athletes to call it a day.
But please at age 43 going onto 44 it should be common sense that dictates for a guy being chased and hit by some players half his age.
To me, it would be a survival thing.
An illustrious career, DA should have gone out on top a couple of years back when he won the MVP.
Lights out.

except if Flutie wanted to, he could have come back and played another 5 yrs. At 50, he could still have probably been a decent backup.

What a guy :rockin:

maybe Allen just wants to pad the career stats and set a mark for oldest ever starter Qb that may never be matched

odds are, we never see the likes of flutie again. Nfl is slowely learning, me thinks