Dump the Coaching Staff

I have never been a huge Doug Berry fan (don't even think those exist) and the start to this season has confirmed the coaching staff's incompetence in my mind. Adjustments that seem so simple to everyone else watching the game (commentators, spectators, mascots) don't seem to register with the coaches. I can understand wanting to stick to the general game plan for the first few weeks, but what incentive is there now? At what point are these guys going to wake up and stray from the monotonous play calling and sagging secondary. A 1-5 team needs a drastic overhaul instead of pounding away at the same unsuccessful strategy. I couldn't believe my ears when Berry stated at halftime of the Argos game that they didn't need to make any adjustments. At that point they were down 18-3 and it could have easily been more. Berry is either too dumb or too conservative to make the necessary changes, which is why he needs to go.

yet with huis no change to the game plan the held the argos to 1 point on the second half and connected on a big play to bryant.

strange thing ain't it?

now i agree we need some big changes to happen but when you get to game time its just a matter of the players playing the game.

...I heard the same comment 'that they didn't need to make adjustments'.....EVERY TEAM makes adjustments at half-time and if we're not doing it....it's no-bloody wonder we're 1 and 5...c'mon Doug...surely you miss spoke...or do you want to join the ranks of the unemployed....what bull$hit?????

The way they keep running Roberts between the tackles, no wonder there is no ground game. If you can't run the ball against the Argonauts, something is wrong.

Key point being the second half. The game should have been over by then, except the Argos offense was only slightly less putrid than ours and they don't even have an OC calling the plays !!!

I also agree that when the lights come on, the players have to execute the game plan and for the most part they did.

The problem was, the plan was schite, that played right into the strengths of the TO defense.

I would think that if your defense doesn't give up a TD, the defensive game plan is pretty solid.

Now, people can say "but the score could have been a lot worse at the half" need to recognize that it is entirely possible there were mistakes made on the Bomber offensive side which if corrected may have resulted in many more points for the Blue. It goes both ways.

Bottom line is that if the players don't execute the plays, the game plan doesn't matter in any way shape or form.

One big play from scrimmage has nothing to do with the general game plan. Bryant got open and Dinwiddie made a nice throw but that can happen under any offensive scheme. They couldn't put together a solid scoring drive, which would be much more encouraging than one fluke play.

I have to disagree with the posts making reference to dumping the coaching staff. We do need changes. However these changes need to start at the top. We have many players on the team that are not good or past their prime. If you had Vince Lombardi coaching this collection of players it would make no difference. Brendan Taman should be the first to go and then Lyle Bauer. Since they have come to town we have not won a Grey Cup. We have had some good teams and I say some. Brendan is the man getting the players so this falls under his responsibilty. We have had numerous coaches under this regime, So anybody who wants to say it's a coaching problem is not smart at all. Do we hire another coach to save Brendan and Lyle then go thru the same scenario in 2 years. We need a new direction with new blood at the top.

Talk about a ludicrous statement.

The only thing ludicrous are people such as yourself who want constant coaching changes. Open your eyes. How many more coaches should we hire and fire ?? The players we have are not good enough period. Do the people at the top not bare any responsibility ? Some ex cheerleader for the Bombers poses on the internet and they ask the director of the cheerleading squad to resign. What a joke. The Bombers have all their priorities backwards.

Players not good enough? Are you joking?