Yet again this team decides to go in the air with a pass from Glen from the oppositions 5 yard line and yet again we get nothing but the exact opposite an interception so that brings the pass interceptions to more than 15.JUST HAND THE BALL OFF or RUN!AT THE VERY LEAST YOU COuULD HAVE GOT FIELD GOALS!YET AGAIN I SAY USE COBOURNE OR THIGPEN FO A HANDOFF!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON"T BE THIS STUPID IN THE PLAYOFFS'PLEASE IAM BEGGING YOU DON"T BE STUPID! :cowboy:

It's not the decisions, it's the execution.

Stala drops a TD, then Glenn misses an open receiver resulting in a pick. Two easy TDs, blown because of fundamental and easy execution failing miserably.

As I said all year 500 Football Team Under Obie and Marcel they have go !!!
Till they Go I won’t be back as Season Ticket Holder

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Do you have good seats? Maybe I can take yours...mine are in Section 9...

Take his seats, just don't his negative attitude towards everything.

Don't forget Grant dropped one earlier that also would have gone for a TD.

KG fired that reception to Mahoney like a Patriot missile onto a Scud.
He has an arm, he can roll out, and he can run.
KG just needs a little bit pressure to realize his full potential.