Dumbest Song Ever

Go Toronto Argos go go go
Pull together fight the foe foe foe
Scoring touchdowns for the blue on blue
The Argos will win for you

Full of fight and courage you can’t stop
They pile up the points until they reach the top
Pull together till the Grey Cup’s won
Go Argos go go go

I would make some comments but the song speaks for itself

We probably aren't in a position to judge.

I don't know, Cotton eyed Joe is pretty bad too. But the one you posted Hitch is equal to it.

On another "note" (pun intended) I would like to know what an Oskee is.

You kind of had to hear it to realize how truly ridiculous it is. I had a good chuckle at it the fist 15 or so times they played it, but then it just got really annoying

Cotton Eye Joe while a catchy song isn't the greatest song either but at least we don't publicly claim it as our song. Oskie Wee Wee is just a cheer not an official theme song in my opinion

Here's a link to Hamilton's OFFICIAL FIGHT SONG, written by Jake Gaudaur and Ralph Sazio. Yes, you read that correctly.


Lesson learned, Hitchcock? Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. :wink:

I listened to that song and in all the Ticats games I have been at over the years and it has been alot I have never heard that song played at a game and you don’t see the words posted on the board and have the pa announcer encourage the fans to sing along which is what was happening yesterday for those who weren’t at the game with the lyrics posted above


Don't you have anything better to do with your time JaG?? :stuck_out_tongue:

the Oskee WAS Wiskee, before I think. http://ca.geocities.com/emeraldmj/ticats.mp3

How about the...

"Official Argos Celebration Car"

That thing is great. Your just upset because you don't have one because you have nothing to celebrate!!! :wink:

Let's play nice guys it's not like both teams Hat each other..................RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

yes i hat those boatwomen

Hey I like those old country classics once in a while...it beats listening to the mindless deafening noise they play most of the time...but if they really want to see a crowd get involved to music (especially the fairer sex)play Elvis' All Shook Up...it works like a charm. :slight_smile:

How about both teams' songs are equally as bad.

That's true...what with Oskie wee wee as your team cheer.

That's actually not the song that we prefer though. The Argonotes play a tune called the Argos Rule the CFL. much cooler.

Don't you all envy the World Cup soccer fans from England singing during the game ?

That would be a blast,anyone want to sit in a singing section?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Really,practice a bit ....we'll need a whole lower box section.....?

The Brits are great doing it over a whole stadium...

The car doesn't bug me... the fact the PA guy tries to pass it off as a long standing Argo tradition when its been trollying around for a year is whats rediculous.

We might as well call our flyovers & Stripes' mini-bike long standing traditions. Something isn't a tradition just because you say it is. Is the Argo fight song legitimately vintage??? Is it rather another fabrication to lull bandwagon fans into this synthetic Argo culture their trying to brew?

Traditions come with time and observance... like the Oskee Wee Wee or the Argo moan... call the Argo-mobile a tradition in 10 years sure... not now.

The old Tiger Cat Fight Song! It was played by the TC Marching Band after every touchdown. Yes we had a marching band. It was played at the rallys in 58, 63, 72 etc. It was always the center theme of anything to do with the club. It means a lot to us old timers, so don't make fun of it. I was at the Hamilton Tattoo a few years back and the mass military bands marched off to it, and it got a standing ovation. So many of you want to stand on tradition, and believe me that old tune is just that! Should bring it back at the games.
Right on to Victory!