Dumbest poll

on bluebombers.com the poll question is ''who in the west division will play in the 2006 grey cup and if u look ul see that all pretty much all the votes were for the bombers. have no problem but were kinda going over board

…they might as well have asked 'where will the 06 Grey Cup be played…of course everyone is going to say the Bombers…redic. poll…it’s like some of these political polls…you ask the question… assured of the answer you’re gonna get…can’t they come up with something better… :roll:

aparently, some voted for the other teams, but I vote WPG if I could.

not overboard i would definitely say delusional though!!

The new one says "Which CFL team has improved itself the most through free agency so far this off-season?" These are kind of biased polls.

ussually the polls aren’t so biased.

In the ''who in the west division will play in the 2006 grey cup" poll that was talked about I would vote for the Bombes too, but as much as I want them to win this year I don't think that they will. It would awesome to see Milt finish with his ring and watch the team go back onto the top. But with a season like last year it's gonna be hard to rebound, plus it's Barry's first year.

In the beginning it'll be fun to sit back and see what happens.