dumb teams


so far, it looks like only BC ED TO and MON have links to all time rosters on their official sites

what gives with the other sad sack 4 teams. Specially the RRs. You would think they would be the first to do so what with all their pride and bragging, etc.

We don't brag. We just state facts :slight_smile: :oops: :lol:

well, you are no walter brennan :wink:

maybe older teams without complete records... who knows..


....and the Montreal 1 is not even accurate, it stops in 2007 ! :thdn:

Well, don't expect to see that in the near future in Riderville. The Riders have, in the past year, made a list of the 100 greatest Riders of all time. They also provide statistical leaders for the club:

[url=http://www.riderville.com/uploads/assets/SSK/pages/fanzone/All-time%20Leaders%20%282009%29.pdf]http://www.riderville.com/uploads/asset ... 009%29.pdf[/url]

Personally, I don't really care about the all-time roster...I care about the present one. I also like the all-time list more than one that fills on position basis...if you make a top 100 list of players, and 5 of them end up being sensational QBs, does that mean that you don't list them because there is not room on your roster for 5 QBs. I will take a list of the greatest/most popular players overall any day over one that has people listed because a position needed filled on the imaginary roster.

To each their own though...see a full lineup of greats is nice to.

I dont think you understand what all time list means. It means every player that ever played on the team from the beginnning, Its a good thing to have.

And their complete stats. I can't tell you how many times I have searched for a players stats and come up with nothing. :x

Every tried CFLapedia? It has pretty much everything you're looking for. It doesn't have full stats on all players, but it does for many of the top players. And it has rosters for teams that no longer exist. For example, besides the Tiger-Cats, it has rosters for the Hamilton Alerts, Hamilton Panthers, Hamilton Rowing Club, Hamilton Tiger Cubs, Hamilton Tigers, and Hamilton Wildcats.


um...yeah, like I said, they provided the 100 Greatest Saskatchewan Roughriders of all time list this year. I understand what an all-time greatest players list is, do you? You are asking for an all-time greatest roster, something different, and like I said, I personally would rather see a greatest play list than a greatest player roster.

Why...because your best 4 players of all time might play the same position, and if there are only 2 people that normally fill that slot, then that means that 2 of the 4 best players in your franchise's history will miss out on the all-time roster, BUT the would make the all time greatest players list.

SO...I know what all time list means....clearly you don't, or at least you don't know the difference between a list and a roster.

From the Miriam-Webster online dictionary:

Definition of ROSTER 1a : a roll or list of personnel

I think you may be thinking of an All Time Depth Chart, which would be limited to x number of players, with each position being filled, possibly with one or more backups. An All Time Roster is a list of players from all time who have played for the team. This is what three of the four sites have under this title. (Edmonton calls theirs the Honour Roll.)

And yes, I agree with the OP that all teams should have these lists on their sites.