Dumb question related to left tackle

Okay, all this talk about Rob Murphy ... and big, nasty left tackles in general ... got me wondering what happens to the all-important, highly-specialized left tackle when a left-handed quarterback moves in behind centre. Can't quite remember who the last starting southpaw was in the CFL, or if the right-side tackle then became the most important O-lineman.

Like I said in the subject line: dumb question. But there's probably a lot of you out there who can get me thinking straight on this topic. Thanks.

Dr X had Lefty Lefors in Wpg and January was his blindside (RT). January is now playing LT again with the right handed QB's. Just think blind side, and that's where you want your best tackle.

Duh. Of course. Thanks for that PE.

january played RT last season tho.

I can see your question was answered the specialized LT protecting the right handed QBs blind side becomes a specialized RT to protect the lefties blind side. Some CFL teams have attemptd to go with the All Canadian O line this year other than the usual Montreal Line. Edmonton fell on short and started the season with 4 of 5 NIs with impot LT Orrin Thompson Veteran.
Toronto gave it a try but when they came upon the Grey Cup Measuring stick BC Lions they made the change. The change however was already well though out and waiting on the practice roster.
Tony Washinton is a young player and was a small school NCAA all American and had some personal issues that kept the NFL away from drafting him or signing him in 2010. So he took his game to the now Minor League Arena league with a quick stop n one of the other indoor leagues. But on the weight and honed his skills and spent some time in Calgary 2011 but was not quite ready. This season he spent the entire spring in the Arena league. Toronto saw the potential line problem and Washington on the CFL radar signed him to the practice squad. He played very well as you did not here much about the protection of Ray being bad in fact it was mentioned that it got better as the game went along. He almost came in to start the game before when Wayne smith was banged up but that was the BC game so they decided better to wait. Smith is now able to move to the more confortable LG position in his 9th season right next to Wahington enabling smith tohelp Washington during the game and Washinton being young quick and now ready for pro football can do the things the older Smith couldn't do.
Nice job by Toronto as Washington appears to be the real deal.
Saskatchewan with their deep line was also able to move to a 4 of 5 NIs on the Line. They started with a pair of Import tackles but the play of Heenan and young back up Neufeld along with Best returning enabled the Riders to realease Patrick. A team in the CFL looking for a right T bookend should hurry up before Patrick goes back to the UFL for the season with equal pay 40,000 for 8 games and the free housing perk. He started 11 games for edmonton last year but was squezzed out for a NI RT. Toronto signed him and he was traded to Saskatchewan starting three games again before ratio struck and he was squezzed out for a NI RT. Hamilton, Winnipeg, etc. teams that use Import bookend Tackles would be wise to grab him up like I said he has played really good only being squeezed out by the ratio.
Finally with the Likes of Heenan and Norman coming ready to start right out of the CIS look for the trend of teams using 4 NIs on the O line with the talent that is coming out and some that went back and those who are injured, tyson pencer of winnipeg who played two season at a top DI program Wash St where he played and started a number of games at both RT and LT. I am sure Winnipeg would love to have had him healthy to add a NI at RT opposite January.
Another case of Canadian players improving at other positions. Im sure he is already penciled in a top the depth chart at RT eventually someday even playing LT. Patience in winnipeg would be a virtue as they have done things like this that people are not aware of that give them a bad rap.