Dumb Play!

Sitting in the stands with my buddies, the rain filling up my can of beer faster than I can drink it, we just won a turnover from a blotched Edmonton punt (it’s the third quarter) and its third and one for us. Porter goes into a shot gun with Cobb 4 yards in the back field. We have a double tight end formation and the whole Edmonton team including the water boy is lined up on the line. I turn to Sam and say “tell me they aren’t going to run Cobb for the one yard off this?. Well I almost choked on my beer nuts when Porter hands off to Cobb in the back field and we’re third and three now. MB I know the rain must have messed with your thinking just at that moment but for heaven’s sake man buy a hat and burn that page of the play book.

I had that play pegged as the turning point if we had lost the game.

or the turning point might have been when Porter handed off
to Cobb on 2nd down and eight [some people called it a draw play]

if Cobb didn’t break to outside when he was bottled up
and take the ball all the way to their one yard line

which lead to our last TD late in the game.


Mike Gibson is our Offensive Co-ordinator, August.

Marcel Bellefeuille is NOT our Offensive Co-ordinator

Agreed !00% correct the Argos tried the same sort of thing against Montreal on Friday and they were stopped also ,I guess MB wasn't watching. That would be a good idea to scrap that play

Yes but dont kid yourself, the head coach is constantly talking to his coordinators/spotters via headset all game telling them what he wants.

Considering last years playbook under MB and this year's under Gibsons barely resemble eachother Gibson appears to have alot of discretion.

I said it at the time, i think it was a mistake... some sort of mistake. Either they got the call wrong, they thought it was 2nd down, something must have happened. Our play calling has been solid through 6 games im shocked they would try something so STUPID on 3rd and 1.

Damn, Coach was asked about that play last night but I can't translate verbatum what he said. But he did explain why it was done. Something to the effect that they didn't want Edmonton to be able to know exactly what they were doing. The shotgun on that play was designed to keep them guessing as to what the plan was ie: pass or run

That was indeed a risky move and one we burned ourselves on for sure. But as it turned out, no harm done, and it will go down in the books as part of the learning curve for the coaching staff.

If they want to learn how to get 1 yard, they should watch the game tape. Edmonton did it successfully every time (one time it was 3rd and about 1 and a half, and they got it by half an inch).

That play has to be less than 50% successful. As was stated, I never believe in taking the ball back 3 yards to go forward one. Either QB sneak, at least hand off to a full back who can pound it, don't do it from the shot gun, and put more than one back in the backfield so the D can't isolate on one player.

Hopefully they will get this one right in the future. At least it didn't end up costing us.


If Cobb were to have lined up a couple of steps behind Porter in the shotgun, then that HARD SELL would be a little softer to try. Unfortunately, a shotgun handoff/draw with a HB lined to one side of the QB does limit the capacity of the HB to run to all gaps – it effectively cuts his options to one side of the line when the defence is tight for the run. The best option for running out of that formation IMHO would have been off a QB option or bootleg, but even then, why not have the QB behind center and get the job done properly. Too cute = too bad too much on a football field. Cute is in the realm of puppies.

Oski Wee Wee,

The offense at times still looks constipated, those short passes that are always half a yard or a yard short. Ed were going down field and fooled our defense often. But our great Cats pulled it out. :thup:

In reference to the comments of the running plays. I not sure you been watching this year team. we are one of the best running team. We average a 6.3 yards per carry. If we have a running game that is working and the condition of the weather affects the passing game I feel that Gibson made the right call. As for the comment of the HC can deceide to change the play that is correct but I feel that MB will do it if the game is on the line. He has trust in his coaches and allow them to coach their teams. I just like to know what call you would of wanted.

Actually, in that situation, a great percentage play is for the QB to get under centre, fake the handoff up the gut and quickly roll around the line and run it in himself........Porter is just the kind of QB to do this successfully.

I agree that to try for a one yard gain from 3-4 yards back is a low percentage play. Even a quick pitch out to Cobb heading around the end would have been a wiser call.

It's fun analyzing the odd bad play call though after we won........the anger level is lower...... :lol: :lol:

There would have been hell to pay if we would have lost that game after that play, but since we didn't who cares. Just don't do it again. :smiley:

In reference to ballboy and others comments. You cannot compare the running back of Hamilton as that of the Argo. We are a better running team. They did try the same play when Cobbs ran it to the 1 yard line near the end of the game. By Quinton in the shot gun and Cobb in the backfield give both option of passing and running. I do agreed that on 3 and 1 normally it is the QB sneak. However if you are watching the BC games their QB sneak are getting stop quite often. BC has a good running QB also. I think Gibson is trying many various plays to kep the defence guessing.

Food for thought

Ok, so that's how many times now they've been stuffed on short yardage out of the double tight end formation? Has it even worked once? All it does is draw more defensive players into the box.

Seriously, stop doing that.