Dumb on the city of Ottawa's part

This is not football related, but more in line with what the original topic was about.

[i]Pro baseball will be back at Lynx Stadium in '08

Council decides to allow Can-Am League to assume lease[/i]

[url=http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/sports/story.html?id=880ad763-0cf0-4faf-9cf9-0d71d4e3bf27]http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/new ... 71d4e3bf27[/url]

CRF, wasn't the $17 mill for this stadium for a AAA team though? I don't follow baseball much I have to admit but I've never heard of the Can-Am league and I do follow sports a fair bit. What is this league and does it warrant a stadium of the calibre of Lynx Stadium?

Well, I'm not a huge baseball fan either, but my understanding is that it's an independent league with no affiliation to MLB.


I guess, in a way, it's the CFL of baseball. The Lynx would have been NFL Europe.

They have a team in Quebec City, it looks like, and I thought I read something about putting one in Montreal. Most of the American teams appear to be in the northeast too, so travelling must not be much of an issue.

I wasn't too into the Lynx, but I'll support this. There'll be more Canadian content and I suspect more roster stability.

I do believe that the old Lynx stadium will be the largest in the league. Judging from the links at the bottom left of the site, it seems most are about in the 4000-5000 range.

So, Ottawa fans. Anything new on the stadium or owners front?

Not so much. That dumb-arsed international competition thing to rebuild Lansdowne Park was approved by council and will start next month. I haven’t heard anything about Jeff Hunt’s group backing out as a reasult, I guess they’ll just enter their bid.

When this thread started, I disagreed with the title because even in hindsight it didn’t make sense. The money spent on the baseball stadium didn’t seem to be needed for the Rough Riders at the time. But I think it applies plenty to this retarded “competition”. I hate that idea to death.

'International' eh? Going to let some dirty furriners dictate what you Ottawans do to your fine city? :wink: Maybe Osama Bin Laden will submit a bid to redevelop Landsdowne as a terrorist training camp!

Here's the announcement for the baseball team.

[url=http://www.canamleague.com/cgi-bin/dist/news.cgi?id=1203020605]http://www.canamleague.com/cgi-bin/dist ... 1203020605[/url]

Sounds like a better fit. I don't actually care for baseball but being more locally based I think I'll be better able to get into this.

Well, something to pass the time away with anyways. That is until you get a real sport like football back. :wink:

Although there are the Gee Gees, so that's ok but not many games and just starting in the fall.

Honestly, Earl, I see more football now that I did when the Renegades were here. When they were killed off, I made a point to support the other levels of football around here. I'm at a game just about every weekend from May through the end of the OUA season.

Last year, Ottawa had...

5 Midget teams (U20)
2 Varsity teams (17-19)
3 Junior teams (18-22)
1 CIS Team
1 semi-pro team

...so at least one of them was playing every weekend. It's inexpensive and the level of play is better than I expected.

I had only decided to start going because I had read that the demise of the Renegades would cause a loss of $20,000 annually to amateur teams in the area so I wanted to do my little part to suport them, but I quickly became a believer. That's why I encouraged everyone else to do it before.

Very nice stuff CRF! :thup:

The stadium is a bit big for the canam league.But there is no point building a new 6,000 stadium.