Dumb, dumb coaching decision by Hamilton!!!!!!!!!

I know hindsight is 50-50 but honestly, why on earth did Hamilton attempt a field goal at the end of the game. A punt would have had better coverage and the chance of a single point which would have put them up by three. A field goal attempt, on the other hand, has the worst coverage team out there and Boreham's record has not been good. Punt it deep even without the single and pin them deep in their end. That decision cost the Ti-Cats a game they were clearly stealing on the road which does not happen often!!!!!!!!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Exciting finish but dumb coaching!!!!!!!!

The single would have only put them up by 2


Hindsight is 50-50. Boreham had just made a longer field goal.

How long was that field goal he missed?

....42-ish......he had the distance, just went wide right.......

I thought hindsight was 20-20

Waaaaaaaay wide right.

Yeah that sounds better. I think I need some sleep.

I was about to mention that, infact, turkeybend's whole post is dumb because they were only up by one before the field goal and Calgary conceded a point after. What they should have done however was direct the ball out of bounds and try to pin them within the 10 with only 13 seconds left.

marshall wants his kicker to know that the coach has confidence in him, or at least wants the kicker to think that by letting him go out there to attempt a kick within what should be his range...if i was a coach i would have sent him out there too..if the kick was good hamiton would have been up by 4 and calgary would have needed a td to win...i like the decision by marshall, the kicker just didnt come through like he probably should have.......oh and by the way, that last second kick kinda reminds me of westwoods last second 55 yard field goal against the riders a few years back..now that was a good ending

The decision was sound...the kick was bad.

I'm going to agree with Turkey on this one. Boreham's field goal ability has been suspect all season long and a miss gave Calgary the field position they needed to win. If Hamilton would have pooched it Calgary would have had the ball on their 10 yard line or so (assumng punt coverage is good) with only 13 seconds to march down the field close enough to get a single to tie the game.

Hamilton's real mistake was not letting the final 2 seconds run off the clock after the last catch before finishing that play. He caught the ball and the DB tagged him to soon. They could easily have wasted those 2 seconds and it would have been game over Ti-cats win. That was where the coaching mistake was.
Will Hamilton ever be a good team with Marshall in control ? They need a new head coach.

...stamps were lucky to get away with that one...Ti-Cats seem to be finding their game a bit...but c'mon ...turnover after turnover...if either team could have limited them ...i would say that would probably have been the difference ...ugly win for the stamps...a tough loss for the Cats...and now they have to play the ALS. HMMMMM...Marshal better find a way to stop the bleeding...and maybe find a field goal kikcker like the cowboys have... :roll:

Maas played the exact same way Ricky did in the west semi against calgary, BAD COACHING DECISIONS. just like in the west semis, it wasnt Rickys fault it was macocias, and tonight it was Maas fault it was PaoPaos

Maybe Kathy Ireland from Unnecessary Roughness can kick for the cats... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here's what would of worked...lol...let Boreham punt, with somebody onside, and angle it to the onside player's side. That way there wouldn't be a no yards call as Calgary would have to field the ball without letting it bounce around trying for a penalty. I would use Boreham because he's better going down field to recover his own kicks. Fleming generally is looking for a hole to hide in...of course the refs would call no yards but with the replay they'd have to get it right. This is what you call 20/20 :smiley:

Duncan O'Missy is looking for a job! :wink:

Generally speaking, you guys are nuts.

You have the ball in field goal range, with a one-point lead. You try the field goal.

Suppose we tried to punt as some of you suggest. Who's to say Fleming could have angled it out? The more likely scenario would have been that the ball would have gone into the end zone for a single, and you'd all be saying "What did they punt for? Why didn't they kick a field goal?" Or if the punt had been blocked, or returned for a touchdown, you'd be blaming Marshall for that, too.

The fact is, 50% is not good enough for a field goal kicker, especially one who doesn't punt. There's a new guy here, and I suspect it won't be long before he's suiting up in Boreham's place.

It's funny how none of the people who want Marshall fired are Ticat fans. What's the matter...scared of what you know the Cats will be able to do when the offence clicks?

......the FG attempt is without a doubt the right call....puts the cats up by 4 with 15 seconds left.....

I disagree, if there was more time left on the clock I would have said go for it. If Hamilton had De'angelis kicking for them I say go for it. But there was 13 seconds left on the clock.

I would have lined up for the field goal and had Boreham pooch punt it, pinning Calgary deep (hopefully around the 10). Now assuming Calgary has to get to Hamilton's 48 to be in De'angelis' range. Calgary would have to drive 52 yards in 13 seconds, which would be something.