Dumb a** penalties kill again!

This is the number one reason we're where we are. The amount of handicap this places on a team already under trying circumstances is enormous.

Our crappy season can be summed up with three items 1. INJURIES 2. Bad ZEBRES ( officiating) 3. Lack of discipline (Penalties ) self inflicted!

Totally agree that there were far too many sloppy penalties, particularly this late in the season.

There were also a loooooooot of dropped passes at critical times

Yes, dumb penalties did hurt us along with some really questionable coaching...why not let Mather try the long field goal with the wind from the 60 (67)...instead of that stupid thing of trying to pin them deep (that worked well??)... when the defense hadn't stopped them all game...at least we would have had a shot a 3 points (that would have made a tie...yes,we wouldn't want that would we?) . Yes, yes, I know all the numbers about defending a missed field goal but looked what happened anyway...we had a very good shot at 1st place so just maybe it's time to man up & take a chance like going 3rd & goal ,& the results were?...By the way, when will we stop trying always to go up the middle for short yardage when everybody on & off the field knows what the play will be...plain stupid. Have to cheer for Winnipeg (that will hurt ) the next 2 games & a win for your last.

With both Tasker and Fantuz out, Maher would be working with an entirely new holder. That is a recipe for disaster for a FG attempt from that distance.

Who was the holder after Fantuz got hurt?

I've never liked the idea of anyone holding other than a QB. One reason is injury risk. Another reason is the QB gives options for fakes or broken plays. You have 3 qbs dressed, surely one can hold the ball.

Mathews was practicing during half time while the rest of the team was still in the locker room. Took about 20-25 snaps with the first few being not good but got better as they went on. Of course it wasn’t in a game condition but at least Maher kicked a bunch from about 35 yards out without issue.
We’ll see next Saturday how they do.

Do you think Coach Reinebold gets a little intense?

Looks like he's been practicing his "Haka"...


Looks like a stroke waiting to happen!

Love the excitement