DUMB !........15 characters. this is dumb too

Just when there is finally something on TV worth watching, TSN goes and screws it up. Why on earth would they schedule the Gold medal game so late ? Most of the population of this country lives east of Manitoba and the game starts at 9:30pm for Ont and Que which means 10:30 pm for the Maritimes and 11pm for NFLD. Meanwhile the Bronze medal game gets primo time for Russia and Finland ?!?!? Who is gonna watch that anyway ?..I don't want to hear no excuses. They screwed up or maybe TSN thought Canada wasn't gonna be in the Gold medal game. It sure sounds like Ferraro is disappointed the Czechs didn't beat Canada and he loves cheering on the Finns too. Only in Canada do the dumb announcers extol the enemy team. It's like they want us to lose...Anyway there are gonna be a whole lot of hockey loving children that won't be able to stay up along with many seniors. 10 mil out west get to see the game normal while over 22 mil in the east have to use toothpicks in their eyelids. And it ain't like the game couldn't be played the next night, WED ! Or does someone have the arena booked ?.....My head is shakin on this one, TSN.


...seems like a squished schedule...probably because the Oilers have to get practicing on their home ice ASAP so they’re ready to start losing games at home right away...

is it not typical for the bronze game to be played first?

is this not an event scheduling issue rather than a tsn issue?

Same reason why a game on the west coast has to start at 5:00 just because we're playing the Leafs. It's on at 6:00 here. 7:00 in Edmonton.

How do you know it's spring in Canada? The Leafs are out......rim shot


you missed :slight_smile:

What is the difference between a Leaf's Stanley Cup winning team photograph and an Oiler's Stanly Cup winning teams photograph?

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Except for the problem schedule was out LONG before Canada qualified for championship
But hey dont let facts get in the way of a good rant

Tuesday, Jan. 5

Third-place game, 5:30 p.m. ET

Championship game, 9:30 p.m. ET

Leafs pics are all Black & White!

I could have also gone with
No Leafs Wearing Helmets

No Leafs Using Curved Sticks

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Yeah with no fans allowed in the building, I don't see a reason why the bronze medal game couldn't start at 1 local/3EST so the gold medal game in the prime time slot


You missed my point completely. Read what Mightygoose said.

BINGO !.......


Idiots Indicating How-to Frak-up

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