Duh, what the h$$l happened?

So, I'm watching the Bomber/Als game, and suddenly everything goes for cr##p. Bombers are getting mowed down, flags are flying everywhere and the Als are pushing into the end zone but the Bombers still have something resembling control of the game .. mind you this is only the last 4 minutes of the first half I'm talking about.
Then my neighbours come over, we go outside for beers and the best BCBud and when I finally get back on track with the game, all h##l has broken loose. The Bombers are hammered out of shape (much like myself) and there's near riot going on with officiating and middle fingers and who caught what or didn't.
Like, what the f**k happened?!?

My conspiracy theory is that Ricky Williams was sharing his stash before the game with the refs. Toronto is going down the tubes, so they needed some way to keep the Bombers in reach to still make the playoffs!

go to ourbombers to see my conspiracy, it makes so much sense that i can' repeat it.(it involves drugs)

lmao well damon allens supposed to start so that may help them

so wow the bombers D sucked :cowboy:

3 quarters of crap, 17 quarter of greatness, call it what you will. and those 3 crappy quarter came against the same team

they had one bad gae out for 5, they don't suck, and you will see that again in Edmonton.

I'm going along with that, or somebody (THE DON!!!) paid the refs off.

no, they had 3 bad quarters which lost them 2 games, they don't suck, they're 2nd best in the league bar none

lol 1 point in the 2nd half ...

the al's avg of points allowed in 2nd quarter was 3

they let up 1

thats greatness and they are un-defeated :cowboy:

gangtackle, your post is hilarious.

Yogi, too bad those 3 quarters of crap cost you two games !

Kanga, go to bed. If the Don was paying anybody to win, he'd be bankrupted by now for this was his 227th victory.

Exactly, when the bombers get beat look what happens ... blah blah cheaters... dirty players...drugs...bribes..

what a F*ck load of Crap

Well we all are here to see it what loser fans they have (outside of pappa, piggy and Hank). You guys are not in the same class as the Mighty Al's yet! Long way to go!
Wow 44 to 16 :lol: :lol: :lol: Nice defense :lol: :lol: :lol:

me and my buddies were so pissed. we were almost literrally going to storm the field. The refs must have forgot there were two teams on the field. After the Glenn injury, to the Quinn Injury to the Glenn interception to the 5 flags thrown at our faces every play.. we couldnt get our chins up after that. Injuries stopped but the flags never.

Did you ever think that the reason the flags never stopped coming was because your team (mostly the D) wouldn't stop making penalties?

I realize it may be a hard concept to grasp.

You commit an infraction, the flag flys, you get penalized.

Don't commit the infraction, there's no flag.

we did beat EE, 46 to 10, ya know, do your math.

well, if he files for Chapter 11 this week, we'll all know why! :lol: