Duh Duron

This kind of brain cramp calls for tough love.

If I was Popp, I'd let Duron know that he's being paid a whopping big salary to play, not to take himself out of the game cuz he's too ruffled to help his team.

I'd let Duron know that some of his team mates took pay cuts to compensate for his whopping salary.

I'd let him know that if he keeps this up, he can kiss the NFL goodbye for good.

And I'd bench him for least one more game, to let the message sink in. And next time he opens his big yapper and draws a flag, he's out for at least one series.

What an idiot! Even with his touchdown, the Als are still losing, and SJ is gone for the game. These 'hot dogs' such as Duron are so into themselves they seem to care less about 'the team'. Why doesn't he just put the ball down and head back to the sidelines and ponder getting another one and his team the lead and win without all the showmanship? It reminds me of Chris Williams when he was with the Ticats and he was returning a missed field goal all the way back for a sure touchdown when he decided to turn around and run backwards before being tackled at the one yard line. At least Williams appears to have matured, unlike Carter.

[i]Johnny was going to start a thread on this a$$hole! What a moron! A big pathetic, selfish, silver spoon in mouth cry baby, effin moron!

He acted like a damn thug! Yes, and Johnny knows what that word means and does not use it lightly. But with what he did, the act deserves the label! Johnny has never seen a player hit a coach at any level in any sport. Completely uncalled for! A cheap shot for the ages. He put his team in deep shid!

Forget benching him for a series. He has 2 strikes. The next thing he does you CUT him! Once the NFL GMs see the tape of this incident, he is finished in the NFL! Let him go play arena football for 40$ a game, or send him to Cabo so he can catch footballs and party with Johnny Manziel!

His father Cris, or his teammates or coaches better talk to this guy and set him straight real quick! No more flapping and trash talking after every play. Shut your fudging mouth, go back to the huddle and play football. [/i]

[i]Carter's stupid move is ALREADY on the CBS Sports website! That means that everyone in the NFL already knows what he did.

[url=http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/duron-carter-plows-over-opposing-coach-starts-wild-brawl-after-cfl-td/]http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/duron ... er-cfl-td/[/url]


There has been good reason why he had not stuck in the NCAA and in the NFL.
This is the reason.
Costing him millions.
His outburst on the sidelines was scary actually. Kind of bi polar.
Not sure what the Als should do. They kind of laced up their shoe to him. Tough spot. Tough agenda. I just don't see this ending well.
I know what I would do. But I'm on the couch.

I wouldn't bench him. That would be punishing ourselves to prove a point. But Popp should basically take him to the woodshed behind closed doors. What he did was completely unacceptable and it cost us a chance of winning the game. We were already down S.J. too.

I disagree dicipline, he should be benched. Allowing that kind of behavior to go unpunished is not only sending a bad message to your team but makes the entire league look bush. Obviously I’m not the coach but if I were I’d take him aside and very calmly explain to him that has to stop. Then I’d suspend him for a game but make him dress and stand and support his teamates.

I'm willing to consider the idea of benching him, certainly. You can make the case. But if we miss the playoffs by a game and he could have been the difference...

Ha! ha! As articulate as ever, Johnny!

I am also old school. This guy has great potential, but is a wingnut. What the Als have to figure out - and soon! - is whether or not this guy is an asset or a liability. Popp needs to read him the Riot Act - and there better be an or else…! with it!

Well if a one game suspension of duron cost the team the playoffs, they didn't deserve to go anyway. The kid is good but in both games he has flapped his gum to often and they need to put a stop to it. Just my opinion but the guy needs a wake up call

Dipshit of the year.............

What the panel had to say

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/who-was-at-fault-in-carter-campbell-incident~902740]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/who-was-at- ... ent~902740[/url]

....Talented kid but what a blow top and motor mouth...I was a little miffed when we were pursuing him and didn't land him in the off season, BUT after that performance I'm kind of glad he's not on our club...He better settle down especially now that Greene looks like he might not be back for awhile...That situation could be a settling and maturing scenario if he is leaned on to carry your team...BUT after yesterday I wouldn't hold my breath...Talent doesn't always equate to smart and Carter proved that yesterday. :roll:

I want to see how Carter responds when he next hits the field. I'm not going to bury him for one incident that was highly embellished by Rick Campbell. But he has to realize that stuff like this costs his team in the win column. We had just pulled to within a couple of points -- the game was very much still in reach and he does that (with Green already out). Not smart.

You are absolutely right dicipline. He shouldn't be written off for one incident. It should be very clear to him that he better straighten up or he will be looking for a job.

This isn't the first time that Green and Carter cost their team. Popp has 500k (10 percent of the payroll !) Invested in these two infantile imbeciles. They need to grow up and quick.


He was selfish in the eastern semi final two seasons ago with not one but two Unsportsmanlike penalties.
Hurt the team then just like Thursday night.

He deserves what is coming if you ask me.

And if it happens again, he should be looking elsewhere.

Sorry DP but this is not Carter's first time. Pulled two Unsportsmanlike penalties in the eastern semi final two years ago that were costly.

He had no business heading over that way regardless of Campbell embellishing.

He could have headed to the Als bench without coming close.

He deserves what's coming as far as I am concerned.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 2h2 hours ago
Duron Carter expects his appeal 2 be heard Wed. Either way he expects to play Fri @ Ottawa. Otherwise Redblacks would have unfair advantage

Makes sense. If he loses it would have to be next game against Wpg. The Als would not have time to prepare a replacement for Carter against Ott. on such short notice.