"Dude, where's my post?" - or what did Ron do with

okay - so things should be stable now.

We've had some database issues and long story short, while we've been working hard to restore things it made much more sense to restore from yesterday's backup...

So, sorry, welcome to yesterday... all posts after 4am yesterday are gone... ouch.

I'm really sorry, this is the best I could manage.


Ron, the much grumpier than usual sysadmin.

Why couldn't you do this tomorrow and then bring us back to today so I could buy a 6/49 ticket?

And why, even when I check the box when I log in that says to log me in automatically every time I come to the site, it doesn't do it and I still have to log in each time??????

and how the hell do we get back to the future?

Buy a DeLorean.