duck duck .........................


LOL strange one but it was funny

...THE BIGBLUE....looking like they're having fun again....good sign... :wink:

i thought it was good. i miss the bomber td dances of old

now a little more of this

and a lot less of this ahaha

i hate TD dances....i hate it no matter who does it.....act like you've been in the endzone before

I must say Edwards deserves accolades.

Right now, all that matters is we've established an offense that can score.

Now I love the idea of a little show boating. scoring a td is always a big factor.

i personally think Geroy simons ios the best. i love the simple superman pose he does.

but nothing beat the old bomber dances. they were fun to watch and always got the crowd going.
but i admit some people bring them to far

i don't know if anyone else hasn't figured it out yet. Simon does that pose mimicking his son, who makes that pose child-like. It has nothing to do with vintage superman.

his “superman” pose looks more peter pan’ish

Of course you hate TD dances cause Hamilton’s the only team that doesn’t get in the endzone :cowboy:

lol. Hamilton is the only team in the league that doesnt get in the endzone? then maybe you can explain to me why Hamilton is 4th in the league in Offensive Touchdowns. :roll:


Hey Jorden, you say the cats are 4th in the league in "OFFENSIVE" touchdowns, that's still not great and don't forget most TI-CAT TD'S come from either the RUNNUNG BACKS OR QB'S, YOUR RECIEVERS DO NOT GET CREDIT FOR BEING 4TH IN THE LEAGUE,

As for dancing in the endzone, nothing wrong with it, it entertains the fans and shows the players are HAVING FUN, obviously you don't know anything about fun. I agree that Geroy's pose is freaking annoying (same pose every time), it's nice to see players (recievers) change up the dance and make it more interesting and entertaining. As long as we don't start pulling out sharpies or cell phones, it's all good!!

how is 4th in offensive TD’s not that great? its in the top half of the league…the bombers are in second last in that category…and the cats have just as many passing TD’s as the bombers do rushing so i guess…YOUR RUNNINGBACKS AND QB’S (rushing) DO NOT GET CREDIT FOR BEING 7TH IN THE LEAGUE IN OFFENSIVE TD’S

as for the TD dances again…and the players can still have fun without having to do a stupid dance…they can jump up and down…highfive…tackle each other whatever…its just IMO Dances are stupid

but wait…my opinion doesnt matter because i “know nothing about fun”


not for long what? and yes the ti-cats stink.

But clearly i proved you wrong with my earlier post...and thats why you have nothing to say but "not for long buddy!!! ti-cats stink"


I REST MY CASE (on the whole TD thing and TD dance thing)