Duante's a Raider

Can a QB with bad knees and a big arm lead a team of young guys to the Super Bowl and win?
What do you think Joe Namath?

My heart says yes (Being a Raiders fan) but my head says I doubt it.

I agree. I love the Raiders but at best I only see him helping the Raiders to not have a season like last year.

The defence is good but i wouldnt trust the O-Line

Will Daunte be starting?

I think he would be a solid back up.

I believe Daunte will start considering JaMarcus Russell has not signed a contract yet and Josh McCown does not appear that he will ever be a starter again.

I remember seeing Josh McCown in some locker footage the NFL showed after the Monday Night Football game in Mexico (or was it sunday night?). After the game he was so pumped up from the win that he was giving this speech to the boys and he kept talking and talking. The body language of the players listening to him was like, "shut up already". Just thought I would share that.

Josh McCown is a replaceable member on most any NFL team.

You guys are talking about Culpepper... Ohhh! Well, now I feel like an ass. :lol: For some reason it never clicked. Well, if Russell is as good as people think, I'd say Culpepper is probably just there to start the season until Russell is ready.