duante culpepper

seems culpepper (i know im prob spelling it wrong) signed in the ufl today… since its slow around here, wonder if he drew any cfl interest that we didnt hear about… think any team would gamble on a guy like that? if so, whom?

obviously he is past his prime, has been hurt a few times… but hes experienced many offenses and had some success… personally i could see someone bringing him in as a backup/mentor type deal (if he’d be good enough to survive camp) and would also draw some interest at the ticket office… but i think hed be a flop at this point in his career

I think this sums it up why bother with the rest? He's not CFL material as he does not have the ability to scramble any more since his last stellar season in 2004, and he has not had any consistently sound performance since that season.

Have a look at his stats since then, and one is a fool to believe in any sort of resurrection from such consistently poor performance: http://www.pro-football-reference.com/p ... lpDa00.htm

It did not matter on which team he played -- much is awry. He ought be thankful that the UFL will take him, perhaps more for sake of his name and whatever it will draw based on his familiarity than anything else.

In Detroit last season he compared to Matt Stafford, a rookie, in a seriously still re-building and ailing program as follows:

[url=http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/StafMa00.htm]http://www.pro-football-reference.com/p ... afMa00.htm[/url]

A big Brooklyn FUHGEDDABOUDIT! to you on this one.

haha i agree paolo! i would never want to see him on the bombers! wouldnt mind seeing him in a rider uniform tho lol ... just found it interesting how the guy has fallen completely off the map!

he was decent earlier on in Minny with Moss and Carter as his wide outs, and if not derailed by that injury things might have turned out different. He's lost a lot of the scrambling ability he had earlier on that helped make him effective. I think over the years his attitude has also derailed him somewhat, case in point being outspoken about how he was best QB in Detroit but not playing and having to have the GM talk to him. His attitude and his inexperience with the CFL game would make him a horrible mentor, I think. BTW, Taman had added him to the Bomber neg list a few yrs ago, though I doubt he would still be on it at this point.


Winnipeg Blue Bombers GM Brendan Taman wouldn't confirm or deny it, but the club has put NFL QB Daunte Culpepper on its 35-man confidential negotiation list in the wake of the Miami Dolphins acquiring Trent Green from the Kansas City Chiefs to be their starter.

Miami says it will seek to trade Culpepper, but he has said they should keep him or release him.

Culpepper is set to make $5.5 million US this season.

Last season was a disaster. Pegged as the Dolphins' savior, Culpepper played only four games because of knee problems and is still recovering from surgery.