If Black does the game next week in Winnipeg, we will hear about how its the punter's 2nd game in the CFL...

Think he'll remind us that Ike Charlton was released? We were reminded of that umpteen times during this latest broadcast. . . he must think all fans suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder.

Somebody send that team a book of adjectives, or at least a cheat sheet.

I have grown to enjoy these two guys. Black is good on play by play and I have grown used to Forde's voice and his knowledge of the game. I believe we have a lot of not-picking going on.

Whenver I hear something that makes me shake my head between Black or Ford, I just remember one simply thing... CBC. If I never have to hear the word overneath again during a football telecast in my life, I will die a happy man.

I hear TSN is considering bringing on Walby as an analyst... :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankfully he took the plane that went overneath instead of overtop and he ended up in Anchorage.

I deny that completely.


Thanks for giving me a good laugh before I go to bed. :rockin:

Say what you will about Duane Ford, but this labor day weekend has to be a new low for the guys in the booth. Duane was the best outta the bunch. While trying to fill in airtime while Buck was hurt, why not discuss or even question how him getting hit after he released the ball was not a roughing the passer penalty when the timing of the hit on the 2nd roughing the penalties called on philip hunt earlier in the game were similar. And its not even just CFL playcalling that suffered. Seriously Chris Cuthbert - in garbage time of the Cal-Edm game says TJ Houshmenzadeh signed with the vikings, only what, 8-10 hrs after it was announced he had signed on with the Ravens?! Players have to sit down and break down game film, do any of these guys bother or do they just show up week in and week out? Am I just super critical or was anyone out there impressed by their efforts this weekend?

I didn't catch the second game they called but I did catch the first one, and I have to agree the calls were subpar.

Even so I really like this Duane Ford also compared to more than half the guys we have down here for the NFL or otherwise, and I think he's the best one so far, so I'll have to work him into a trade package of some sort along with your legend Don Cherry, 2 2-4s of a non-mass produced Canadian beer of our choice, a 750mL of Forty Creek, an official throwback Warren Moon jersey, and an official modern Arkee Whitlock jersey just for starters. :slight_smile:

For starters we will give you Erin Andrews, but so much of the rest has to be worked out of course.

THAT"S A DEAL! We'll throw in Rod Black for no extra charge, but only under the condition that you do not allow him near a television camera, youtube, radio, or any other media device that may broadcast within a thousand miles of Canada.

I don't mind Forde though he is not great by any means.
Black, on the other hand, is awful and reminds me of Ted Baxter , the terrible anchorman on the Mary Tyer Moore show.
Black has mixed up the punters names with their opposite on the other team several times this season. Cliche after cliche wears you down.
There is a guy in Vancouver who would be great. He is on the TEam 1040 sports radio in Vancouver. Nicknamed the 'Moj he is passionate, funny and knows football and is a character who is not afraid to call it straight when awful performances abound.
Heard him do the cross-Canada Olympic talk radio show and he was excellent and calls a spade a spade.
Anyone from the West Coast know this guy.