...saying someone is 'unconscious' means they are literally asleep, unable to react to their surroundings, move, and may even be drooling...STOP using this term to describe outstanding players...twice in two nights (Boyd last night and Bruce tonight)...

....Mr. Burgundy standing next to you in the booth is supposed to be the one we shake our heads at...sheesh...

...not enough alcohol in my house to keep up with a drinking game involving the misuse of terms/repetition of irrelevant tidbits with these two...

Hey, did you hear that this punter for Hamilton, Wilbur, is playing his first game in the Canadian Football League ?

If you missed it, wait a few minutes, I'm sure they'll mention it again.

And why aren't they, apparently, allowed to say "CFL" anymore, they have some rule that they have to say it in full now?

Count yourself lucky, Jack...saying "Canadian Football League" takes more time than its abbreviated version, thereby providing less time for Black to blunder it up in other ways...

It's better than Walby and his "Shake'n'Bake"!!

Black always uses the full name. I remember last season he kept calling Forde by his full name. Used to drive me crazy. It makes it sound like they got two random people to call the game. There's no familiarity.

im so sick of hearing, 'this will depend on the spot".

just say, ' first down' or 'a yard short'....not, 'this will depend on the spot'.....everything depends on the spot...sheeeeesh.

Yeah, that's another one that drives me up the wall.

i also hate the way black says bluebombers.

he says it ' blue-BOMBERS'.
i hate black!

how was that bomber td a 'circus catch'?...pretty average lookin to me.
any td catch, where the receiver jumps to make the grab is 'circus' to black.. :roll:


according to black, winnipeg may not be getting a new stadium afterall and its still up in the air, and hamilton is close to building one on the east mountain....how can an announcer be so uninformed????

duane ford ; bruce just got jacked off..his feet...lol

"Winnipeg needs 4 yards or Hamilton takes over."

Thanks, Black, cause I was wondering what would happen if the Bombers didn't get the first down. :lol:

cuz he’s a moron. excavation begun this past week on the bomber stadium. black is a moron.

Hate to break it to you, but 'unconscious' has become an accepted term when describing a player's outstanding performance. Wally Buono used it to describe Calvillo midway through last season.

I don't get why Forde's use of a not-uncommon term is grounds for hatred.

...because used by others or not, it sounds ridiculously stupid, and is simply added to the plethora of goofy comments those two make.

...exactly jm02...SO WHAT that it has become an acceptable term in certain (uneducated) circles of broadcasting...same as the use of the word 'sick' to mean actually 'not-sick-at-all-in-fact-quite-healthy'...the bastardization of the language we all agreed to make constructive use of is at a low...why should we simply accept this as the 'norm' when it is clearly 'wrong'?....

...hatred?...that's a strong word....I do not hate Duane for this and you read too much into my words my friend....

Yeah really it's not hatred just sometimes talking like that trying to sound hip, he does the exact opposite to sound like a real douchebag as he's probably not most of the time.

Rod's beauty tonight was: "Jyles is pressurized." Pressurized? C'mon man! He must have pictures of Phil King with a sheep to be keeping his job this long.

And, 2nd and 10, a pass gets caught for 8 yards. "It will depend on the spot." No it won't, he's two yards short. The worst CFL official on his worst day isn't going to miss a spot by two yards. What has he got, a possum for a spotter?

Oh, and did you hear about Arlan Bruce's stats these last two games? Yeesh. He's really, really, embarrassing.

UNLESS.. you get the Argo spot!!