Duane Forde's Take On Canadian Talent

Interesting read IMO,

"Along with good coaching and strong quarterbacking, the quality of a team's Canadian players is generally viewed as one of the key elements of success in the CFL. The following is a look at where each team stands in that regard."

Duane also comments on NML's lack of a supporting cast

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Look at where B.C. is with their Canadian content consistently picking at the bottom end of recent drafts, and where the Cats are while consistently picking near the top.

Shows some major mis-management has been happening.

I'm just wondering if you think we'll see the CFL adopt a policy like the LPGA where they have to try and learn English or else they'll get suspended.

How about all Americans after 2 years in the league have to earnestly go for Canadian citizenship or they can't play again for 5 years, something like that? :wink:

Excellent read for sure.

Great piece by Forde.

An Argo-Cat fan