Duane Forde's off my X-Mas List

What’s with Duane saying Yeast should be worried about his job? And then to say the Tabbies could ship him off to the Riders! That’s just cruel. Besides, why would Hamilton trade away a 1000 yard man? I don’t know if I could follow Craig to Saskatchewan?

Could meet me here!

Ill buy a craig yeast riders jersy and ill wear it to every game :smiley:

I wouldn't miss him not for a second

What's cruel about Duane Ford's opinion?

I agree with him, and enjoy his football analysis.

Duane Ford is a Western grad so he must know what he is talking about.
I am confused about Yeast, he has all the tools, very smooth and fast. I just don't know about his attitude, he strikes me as someone who is a bit of a prima donna after last year appearing to not go hard for balls thrown high and his jestures to DMac to throw the ball better, or so it seemed. But I don't know him personally so I don't know, maybe I have a wrong perception of his attitude.

I wouldnt miss Yeast either...