Duane Forde's Canadians

A NI rb who can do other things well like Cornish is not easy to find, as I’ve stated.

Agree that a corner is super tough, the footwork and agility required is tough and yes, not something you can teach as easy as some other positions. Plus you have to be fast. And on top of that have the ability to hit.

Earl I don't think anyone will dispute that Cornish is a great player and at present the premier NI RB in the league, but that doesn't change the fact he's not an every down player on offence at this stage in his career. You can't compare Lumsden to Cornish at this stage because, durability issues aside, Lumsden was the #1 feature back when he played while Cornish is #2 on the depth chart and part time player on offence. That's not to say he can't be an every down back but where the argument lies is that should a back up be considered the top canadian over guys who are starters and play most every down. Your argument is that he's a great player. Granted. As far as being a ratio buster Cornish is only a part time ratio changer when he's on the field. Other players discussed that are full time starters are ratio changers for the entire game. If he was the starter in Calgary I would agree with his ranking but since he's not that has to be a knock against him IMO. For now we'll have to agree to disagree on whether he should be the top canadian.