Duane Forde's Canadians

On tonight at 7:30.

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2011 season preview show tomorrow at 8:00

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Thanks for the head's up :thup:

I missed two-thirds of it... didn't realize it was on... disappointed to be sure... especially when be subjected to an even muted family guy...

what exactly was it about??

It was good, enjoyed it. Didn't mind Rod Black either. :wink:

From a blurb online:

TSN showcases the top-10 Canadian players currently in the CFL during Duane Forde's Canadians on Monday, June 27 at 7:30 pm. TSN's Duane Forde and Rod Black will co-host the 30 minute special as Ricky Foley, Doug Brown, Shea Emry and Jon Cornish battle for the honour of being crowned the top Canadian in the league. The TSN produced show also ranks each team by the strength of their homegrown talent.

Clips at:


The entire show is available on the broadband section of TSN

Nothing against John Cornish, but they said one of the criteria used to select the top spots was a player who was a ratio changer. I'm not questioning Cornish's talent, I think he's a great back and I'd take him on my team in a heartbeat, but he's technically a backup to Joffrey Reynolds and he's not a ratio buster.

I thought Duane Forde explained how Cornish is a ratio buster. By having an NI back-up for a position that is traditionally used for imports, it gives the coach more flexibility in managing the ratio and deciding who the DIs will be for a game.

Have to agree with Blue on this.

I think Cornish is a great ball player but he's not an every down player, when you factor how many plays he participates on the offense, he would not have been my choice. I would have placed Brown at 1 Emry at 2, Sanchez at 3. These are real ratio busters, who have had more than one season of stats to show. Show was entertaining.

To me a true ratio buster is a guy like Emery who plays a spot most other teams use an import for, I don't buy a non full time starter as a true ratio buster. Cornish is a great contributor on special teams and a high quality backup, but a backup nonetheless. IMO the top Canadian should be an every down player. We'll have to agree to disagree blue. Earl you're just plain wrong for agreeing with blue' opinion though :wink:


You're contradicting yourself. The first part you're saying a NI who plays in a traditionally import spot is a true ratio buster (which Cornish does) but then you qualify it by saying he has to be a starter. You also seem to be disregarding the fact Cornish does play a lot more than the average back-up RBs (import or NI) as he plays one of every three series every game.

I'm not saying that I think Cornish is the #1 Canadian. I actually agree with HfxTC in putting DB #1 and Emry #2 although I wouldn't put Sanchez at #3.

Family guy, lol but they're replaying the show tonight on TSN @ 10:30 (Alberta time) so 12:30 ET

I would like to see a "part 2" for this show on the last weekend of the regular season. See who holds spots,
other people not in the top 10 break into the
list and such.

A ratio buster to Forde is someone who contributes significantly in a position normally held by an import. That is Jon Cornish. I don't believe Forde said he has to be a starter in the position. I guess people just have different opinions on this but I'll side with someone like Forde myself.

I think Cornish is a great player, but RB are a dime a dozen. Having a NI tailback isn't a huge deal. There isn't a position in the CFL easier to fill than the RB position. Now Shea Emry or even Kevin Eiben play the MLB position, which make them a lot more valuable, especially Emry. I think the biggest reason Henoc Muamba went 1st overall is because Winnipeg saw what an impact Emry has on the alouettes.

Mind you, this whole list is obviously incredibly subjective.

Let's put it this way, if you asked CFL GM's to choose between Cornish or Emry. I think most if not all of them would choose Emry...

RB is not easy to fill with a very good quality Canadian rb who can actually break it. That's one reason why Jesse Lumsden was potentially so 'huge' if you will, these NI rb's with this ability and not a dime a dozen at all.

And yes, very much a subjective list no question, agree.

And yes Hf, defensive players can stand out more in some coaching respects because of the adage "defense wins championships". True.

Using the definition of ratio breaker as given, I'd say that Davis Sanchez for the most part has probably been the biggest "ratio breaker" of the last decade. Other than QB, the toughest job on the field is man coverage. Canadians pretty much never play corner or weak half. If you have a Canadian DB he plays safety. Why? because safety just sits back in cover 2 playing centerfield, picks off a couple passes and hits people, occasionally coming down to plug the run or blitz. There's not a lot of direct coverage assignments at safety, at least not nearly what there is at corner or half. That's why you never see NIs at corner, always at safety. With Sanchez you got an NI at what I personally consider the hardest position on the field to get an NI - and a very crucial position - a cover DB. Coverage requires very difficult skills and the Canadian talent pool is not big enough to produce very many players with these skills. Before I get jumped on, of course Canadians could play this if they are trained, it has nothing to do with the birth certificate, but we don't train them. A good cover man is one of the most agile and savvy guys on the field. You can't cover Jamel Richardson with a stop-gap or a 3-year development project.

Wes Lysack - safety - hard hitter.
Scott Gordon - safety - hard hitter.
Richard Karikari - safety - ball hawk.
Mathieu Proulx - safety - hitter.
Kelly Wiltshire - great all round safety.

Not to say these guys aren't good players but these aren't the guys that you're going to ask to go 1 on 1 with Stegall, Lewis, Geroy, Tucker, Bruce etc, with the possible exception of Wiltshire. Sanchez can play with these guys.

As stated by someone else above, RB is an easy position to fill on your chart. I would say that so is receiver. I would add linebacker, probably put it ahead of receiver myself. Other than QB, cover DB is the toughest in my opinion, with quality o-line maybe close but definitely second. Not to confuse this with oline as being the MOST IMPORTANT position to fill (other than QB) with dline next then DB, but DB is still the toughest. It takes a rare high skill set.