Duane Forde's best article ever


LOL at Andrus hiring a tight ends coach. :lol: :lol:

The best article I"ve read about CFL football in years. Argos should hire him as General Manager. If Nicholson was smart, he'd be calling him as we speak.

From the article's list of 5 Misconceptions about Bart Andrus:

1. "He couldn't get a team into the playoffs." – Andrus was actually fired, in part, because he did get a team to the playoffs. The problem is that that team was the rival Hamilton Tiger-Cats, whose postseason hopes received a huge boost when Andrus elected to run star receiver Arland Bruce out of Toronto...and into Steeltown.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

That is funny! :smiley:

Duane article sure hints, that with four former head coaches on the pay roll, that especially Rita, Mohns and Buratto wanted Bart to fail. Probably because he really wasn't their choice. Maybe they felt their guy should have been Buratto back when Pinball moved on. Who knows.
But looking back everybody seemed to be one big happy family as long as Pinball was the coach. From being at practices once in a while it appeared that way to me. Adam used to get out and help coach, Mohns and Gorrell would be around encouraging and joking with the players.
That all seemed to change, when apparently on Pinball's urging, Rich Stubler was promoted to head coach and probably not with the three BC amigos (Rita, Mohns and Buratto) blessing. Stubler apparently wanted Mohns fired along with having full football authority before he would accept the HC position. This got soothed over, at least on the surface, and it was full speed ahead.
Then Kerry Joseph got forced on the team by Cinamon (according to Bob McCowan) and that really split the team as well as Stubler had two pouting QB's to deal with who both thought they were promised the starting job. From that fiasco Rita saw his chance to get rid of Stubler bringing Don Mathews (another buddy of the three amigos) to right the ship. But the damage had been done. The team had to be blown up instead of a piece here a piece there as it should have been IMO.

Stubler may have been a bad hire. Not because he was a bad coach, but he apparently was not tight with the three amigos who seemed to sabotage him when the opportunity arose. Stubler had said the only reason he came to Toronto was because of Pinball and you could see never really hit it off with the ex BC guys.

If Stubler could have kept Bishop as his starter the Argos might well have played at least 500 ball or made the playoffs. That still didn't address the fact the team was getting old and there was no young QB being groomed to replace Bishop. That's where Mohns and Rita have failed big time and it all came to a head last year.

Nicholson has to be allowed to blow everything up to cleanse the rot that has set into this team. New GM (how about Jim Barker or Tillman) let him hire the Personnel Director and Head Coach, gets some good scouts down in the states to find those hidden gems, not this steady stream of NFL rejects. Not that some of those guys aren't needed, but there's more Weston Dressler's and Darian Durante's out there if you look for them.

Things can turn around in a hurry in the CFL.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Arizona Cardinals are actually a very good to excellent team. The Argos will be back when the cleansing happens, at least start when the cleansing happens for sure.

Argos head office: KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

These same issues affect all imports who are green to Canadian football. IMO that's why the CFLand its Fans would benefit from drafting CIS qb,s!!! If they need to let them play ST for 2 or 3 season.

The only thing Stubler did wrong was hire Kavis Reed as DC. Granted, the Argo D was aging, but its inability to stop anyone could be attributed to coaching.

As for this past season, I think Andrus was abandoned. I find it hard to fathom that after the team went 6 games without throwing a TD pass he was not pleading to have an established CFL qb brought in (Printers cough cough). Andrus being a qb coach may have been able to help regain his form long before the Lions signed him.

iloved the article too; Duane at his best. bang on as well.

Duane is better in writing than speaking albeit he is getting better as a speaker. That being said, writing in my mind is more a true reflection of someone's mind, who they really are, than speaking. You can be a great orator and basically not have a whole lot going on upstairs whereas in writing, different story. The greatest scientists out there that discovered things did it in the lab and that, not by going around giving speeches on the first account of their discovery of penicillin or DNA. Hey science and sport is similar, you do it without a lot of talk, you just "do it". :wink:

D.F._Probably could still play fullback, would fit into Ticats short ydg set :thup: