Duane Forde

The most articulate football analyst around.

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Seriously, he is very well spoken, but what the H is he doing on The Score ?

He would do well to replace McManus or any of the CBC guys.

That's true. The score is so cheap.It just looks like crap.Like seriously who put's horse racing on TV.

Martine was the only reason I even gave that channnel a second look.

Are you referring to Martine Gaillard? Because is so, that’s sportsnet, and we’re talking about the Score.

Martine used to be with the Score.

Thanks for setting the record straight on that one.

Oh, my bad pigseye, i didn't know she used to be there.Well the Score still s- u- c- k- s.

Sadly, I like watching thr horse racing lol

The Score gives Duane a chance to cover the CIS, which is his passion. I'm not sure the other networks would offer the same chance.

After the nice job he did on the webcast of the CFL draft, though, you have to figure that might change as the event gets bigger and bigger each year.

Duane Ford is one of the best Canadian football analysts, pro or college, in this country. I agree that CBC or TSN would do well to sign him up. Maybe the CBC can make a trade, Forde for Walby!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

No no as previously stated Danny Mac is horrible on TSN. Not only marble mouth but and surprisingly no insight into the colour job.
Other then Ford, Suitor is still the best colour guy.
Of course, the best play by play football guy ever is Chris Cuthbert.

That wouldn’t happen. That would screw over the Score to much. CBC could probably get…a bucket of chicken for Walby.That is if Walby didn’t eat it first.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Duane Forde just plain rocks big time in so many ways, great ambassador for our game and league! :thup:

BTW, I notice that some media people, like Michael Lansberg last night on Off The Record with Scott Mitchell from the Cats, use the expression "your league" when talking about the CFL to someone who is involved in the league in some way. I suppose that's fine but I call it "our league" meaning a league run and operated mainly by Canadians. I don't know, not important but just thought I'd mention this at any rate.

You like Cuthbert?
He has gotten way better over time, but I still don’t like the guy.
Suits is the best colour guy.
Ford is also very good and should make the move to TSN (no point in going to CBC as they won’t have games next year)
Danny Mac has been a real dissappointment this year.
The only thing in his favour is, he might get better…
Even Cuthbert got better…